Feminine Energy Rising: Voice, Power, Fire, Freedom

Welcome to the power of your feminine energy. Whether you are a woman, man or gender fluid, this primal force is now rising in the world for everyone. It is going to ask you to bring your voice, your fire, your power and your life-force to the worldBut firstit is going to ask you to bring your fire, your power and your life-force to yourself.

Video trailer of this audio recording can be seen at the top of this page.

The rising feminine energy brings with it the fire of transformation. It is highly active now and picking up speed across the world. 

This recording is a powerful invocation to help you bring forth and support the feminine fire within; both the warmth of nurture and the fierce heat of transformation.

For the voice of the feminine is carrying a great deal of fire at this time. Many think of fire and their mind turns to fear and yet fire is so nurturing for all of you. One of the messages contained here reminds us that the fire of the heart is what comes through your voice when you speak emotional truth. And powerful transformations occur as a result.

This recording also features a visualisation exercise to call in the divine masculine as you support the expansion of your feminine energy. The two need each other. The channel includes instructions on a daily practice of inviting in and building feminine energy into your daily life, and a second MP3 (of a 7 minute musical piece) is provided to help you alchemise that.

The sound healing music features vocals from Lee and was created with Davor Bozic.

Themes include:

The importance of shifting from hyper-productivity to connecting with and loving the world.

How the new masculine needs the new feminine energy in order to rebirth itself.

Breaking down expressions of love and sexuality into new forms to allow feminine power.

How both men and women can allow and harness the feminine rising within.

New clarity on where the feminine has been misunderstood and suppressed by society and its power in creating the future.

You are here for life and for love and to create and to experience and to learn. It is no longer the time to cut out one half of your body, one half of your vision, one half of your senses. For that will forever limit your experience and your potential."

 Running time: 57 minutes



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