Releasing Sexual Violation

Rape or sexual abuse, whether experienced in adulthood or childhood are still taboo topics where emotional discussion is concerned. This healing recording from Lee Harris is designed to help those who have been sexually violated further understand and emotionally heal the experience they have been through. It also contains a powerful 25-minute guided healing exercise from Ziadora. The exercise involves placing your hands on your body at various energy points, and leads you through spoken affirmations, all focused on releasing the energy of a past violation.

This recording was made during the time period that Lee's guides, the Z's, presented themselves in more individual personalities than the more blended way they do now, hence the references to Ziadora.

Sexual energy is a powerful healing force in your body. When it is violated, or becomes shut down, a part of you can become closed to your spirit, humanity, and your life potential. While this is a strong topic area, the recording is delivered with sensitivity and gentleness, allowing you to safely explore and release your experience.

Running time: 1 hour 6 mins


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