Reconnect: 5-Minute Meditations to Reset Your Energy Field

Recenter yourself with Reconnect - a series of eight potent 5-minute meditations. Each of these meditations, created by Lee and accompanied by the healing sounds of Davor Bozic, serves as a brief yet powerful tool to refresh your energy field. Whether you're looking to find inner calm, deepen your connection with yourself, or raise your vibration, each guided journey offers an opportunity to come home to yourself as you gently ground into the present moment.

The series includes: 

Reconnect to Gratitude

Reconnect to Your Light

Reconnect to Your Body

Reconnect to Your Intuition

Reconnect to Your Heart

Reconnect to Abundance

Reconnect to Self-Love

Reconnect to Peace

Revisit these meditations any time you need to press the personal reset button to consciously shift your vibration.

Includes 8 individual MP3s with a running time of 5 minutes each, and an optional PDF worksheet to support you in integrating the material.

Portal Members: If you were a member during the month of March 2024, you will have received the first 4 meditations already. We have now packaged all 8 meditations into one bundle for your ease in accessing all the meditations inside one product in your library.


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