LIGHT YEARS (2019-2022) The Era of Higher Harmonics

Welcome to your light years: a highly magical time of more light frequency impacting the planet

“What you will need in order to access the energy of light is a little more of what we would call ‘inside love’ - love that you generate inside yourself, for yourself, which can then go to others.”

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It is time for a deeper relationship with the self.

Sensitives are not only attuned to the feelings and experiences of others but also to other realms and parallel realities, all of which can make it harder for them to know who they are and what they need. In this remarkable channel from Lee’s guides, they explain how we are now entering a time of "higher harmonics" that will challenge the sensitive to be centered in a whole new way and to align with circumstances that support those changes.

Higher harmonics are when many like-minded or like-being energies, entities, human beings, or animals get together in a group and raise frequencies as a group. Higher harmonics allow things to happen naturally as the right people, the right timing, and the right location come together with great ease.

This channel is a creation of "light medicine" to align you with the potential of higher harmonics. It is beautifully supported by the song "Inside Love," written and performed by Lee with music composition from Davor Bozic - a song perfectly designed to allow you to integrate the transformative power held within the guided message.

Themes include:

  • Learning to house the magnificent energy inside your body in a whole new way and why the body you are in wants to elevate and rise
  • Healing victim consciousness and its roots in karmic cycles
  • How trying to stay in the past to protect yourself from the future is a myth and the importance of lovingly inviting yourself forward to a new future
  • Preparing to embrace change that occurs at the speed of light
  • The magic that is available when you can sit with the possibility of letting go of things that aren’t working for you
  • Learning to connect to the light
  • Giving yourself the kind of healing that involves fun, joy, and presence.

“We are moving into a future where you will see that your greatest strength will come from aligning and allying with those who also are able to help you amplify your light, grow your human self, expand who you are and your mission.”

Running time: 57 minutes - PLUS a bonus music track of the song 'Inside Love'


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