The Light Beyond Fear

This channeled and musical landscape will gently walk you to the other side of your fear-based resistance and guide you into the light of greater love and presence in your daily life.

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“Everything you need is inside you. You came here at this time to help create something new in the world rather than to mourn what is old in this world right now.”

Highlights include:

  • Observing fear as a trapping energy
  • The role of your fire in releasing fear
  • Giving is joyous when you can refill yourself
  • You are here to fly and to let others see you fly
  • Willingness to move through fear is an act of generosity to yourself and the world
  • You are light-builders, making roads for those who will come

Your fear is always bigger than you. You did not originate fear - you simply originated your personal story and relationship to it, so feel no shame about having fear. Fear is going round; it is in the collective and it’s part of the experience here on Earth. But you are learning to master and minimise it by working with it.

There is a fire inside you that will bring you back to life and to the new light that lies beyond this fear. That will return you to joyous giving, to bountiful connections with the self and others, and will allow you to birth the new creations so needed in these times of change.

This recording weaves its magic to return you to that fire, and to the light beyond fear.

Absorb, learn, experience and be changed.

Recorded at Lee’s Soul Magic Retreat in Costa Rica at the end of 2017, this begins with a centering meditation from Steven Washington. Music from Lee and Davor Bozic is woven throughout to enhance the healing experience.

Running time: 1 hour


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