Create Your Future: Elevating the 2020-2030 Timeline

“You are right now at the very beginning stage of the most important decade you will have lived through so far in your life.”

We are living in a time where the level of fear across our planet has been greatly elevated in response to world events. Rising fear can make us contract and decide to take lower paths or lower timelines - both in the way we choose to create our own lives, and as a collective. Lee asked his guides, The Zs, to share their insight into how we can focus in the coming years on creating the most elevated timeline for ourselves and for humanity as a whole. This powerful channeled message and sound healing, supported throughout by the beautiful music of Davor Bozic and featuring Lee and Davor’s original song, We Were Born, is the result of that asking. 

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

The Zs explain the trajectory of the next decade - one they describe as the most important decade we have yet to live through  - as balancing between creating the future or being drawn back toward the old stories based in fear and control. They share this not to spark panic within us, but to offer guidance on navigating a period that may often feel like uncharted waters with grace and understanding.

Main themes include:

  • The current shift in mass consciousness and its effect on individual consciousness
  • The return of ancient power and departure of ancient shadows
  • The need for elevated self-care during this time of change
  • The direct experience of light in our human lives
  • Perspective on the purpose of darkness or shadow energies 
  • Shifting out of the 3-D matrix
  • Cleansing of the past at an all-new level
  • A look at human conspiracy theories from the galactic perspective
  • The role of the internet as a bridge to the future

“In any fight, bring the light.”

Running time: 59 minutes


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