The Way of the Sensitive - Evolving in Tumultuous Times

In this channeled energy transmission and sound healing, Lee and his guides, the Z's, explore and explain the ways in which sensitive souls are shifting frequencies in this era of tumult and great change, and the impact these changes can have on the mind, body, and spirit of sensitive human beings.

“Sensitive souls, however it may look or feel, this truly is your time of evolution.”

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Supported throughout by the music of Davor Bozic and featuring Lee’s unparalleled singing voice, the channeled message offers many visualization exercises and affirmations, designed to assist you in recognizing and embracing the gift of your own sensitive power; a power that is now so needed within mass consciousness.

“The sensitive creates healing and opens new pathways on the Earth for others, and for themselves.”

Main themes include:

  • Being a ‘gatekeeper’ of sensitivity on the planet
  • Living in a time of heightened awakening and radical reformation
  • The effects of sensitivity on your physical body
  • Releasing the wounds of the past
  • Inviting more universal life force energy into your system
  • Balancing and feeling centered as a sensitive soul
  • Sound healing song, "The Way of the Sensitive" (also included as a standalone MP3).

Join Lee, the Z's, and composer Davor Bozic for this rebirth of your sensitive self at an all-new level - one that will benefit not only you personally, but all you encounter along the way.

“All you need are just a few lightbulb moments of awareness around your emerging sensitivity on an increasingly sensitive planet. That doesn't mean that the rest of the people on your planet are all feeling or perceiving the same way you are. But it does mean that as they are shifting and growing, so too are you.”


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