Light Pathways by Davor Bozic

Light Pathways is a soundtrack taken from Lee's ‘Activate’ meditation series. Composed by sound healer, Davor Bozic - the talented musician behind the monthly Energy Updates and many of Lee's MP3 recordings - the music is wonderful for both your own healing journey or for using in healing work with others.

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“I commissioned this beautiful music for my popular ‘Activate’ meditation series. Many of you have since asked for the instrumental versions, so here they are! Davor has added new musical dimensions and extra magic to these recordings for your journeying pleasure. Enjoy and much love.” Lee x

Light Pathways features the tracks from Activate your Heart and Activate Your Abundance. These recordings have a clean, light, and smooth quality, as a path tenderly lit within a forest. Allow yourself to experience clarity, heart-centred peace, and a sense of confidence with moving forward in your life.

  1. Heart. This music is created around the frequency of the heart chakra and also the OM universal vibration - 136.10 Hz. If you can let go, release, and surrender to the music, it will help you feel and expand into the universal love in your heart. These healing sounds are also designed to lift your immune system and help your circulation. Running time: 31:29
  2. Abundance. For cosmic enchantment and a magical blessing, this track was created around the frequencies of the planet Jupiter - 183.58 Hz, representing creative powers, higher energies, optimism, and abundance. The blend of instrumentals and percussion is specially designed to place you on the path of your own abundance - for it to manifest more fully and beautifully in your life. Running time: 33:12

Total running time: 1 hour, 4 minutes 


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