Meditation for the Magnetic Soul - Entering the Fifth Dimension

This channeled message and meditation from Lee and his guides is designed to align you with the frequency of the fifth dimension. Therefore, we do not recommend that you listen to it while driving or doing any other practical activity. Rather, we suggest you listen when you are comfortable and relaxed, and have the space to treat the experience as a healing session - allowing the energy transmission and the transcendental music of Davor Bozic to guide you into a place of remembering your magnetic soul and gently allowing it into your humanity. And re-inviting yourself to a frequency of living that has less fear, less control, less traditional human stresses and is more aligned with trust, flow, harmony, peace and love. 

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

The meditation will guide you through:

  • Transitioning into fifth dimensional consciousness
  • Embracing the magnetic power of your soul
  • An energetic cleansing of all you no longer need
  • Recognizing the incredible power and electric field of your heart
  • Shifting your relationship with the past 

"We are simply helping you to remember what you already know - which is, fifth dimensional source energy. The ability to create, flow, harmonize and embrace. - This meditation is designed to be a cleansing for you of all that you no longer need; so that you can start to become a more magnetic soul. To help your human energy field open up and let your soul energy run through you in a magnetic and aligned way more of the time."

Running time: 45 mins



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