Ancient You Future You

Do you long to be free? Free to become something different today than you were before? Free from too much fear? Free to let in more love? As you are about to discover, the keys to your freedom now and in the future are in the hands of your distant past. In this session, recorded live at Lee's Energy Mastery Retreat in Sedona, Arizona, tune into the energy of one of the most high-frequency locations on the planet and enjoy a profound journey with Lee and the Z’s, one that will allow you to step beyond a time-bound reality and connect with the sacred continuum of your life. Here you will be reunited with your "ancient body" – the wisdom keeper who remembers the power of who you are here to be. 

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Highlights along this soul-led journey include:

  • Allowing the ancient you to alleviate the yearning, reaching, and not-knowing that is at the root of so much human suffering
  • Understanding “soul memory” – your access points to everything that is possible in the future
  • Remembering the Alchemist’s Pledge you took long ago—and being transformed by it in the present
  • This extraordinary recording is a lush weaving of music, words, and energetics that will move you at the deepest level. And when you’re feeling worn down by present-day details and energies – when enthusiasm for your future is in short supply – it will help you to tap into the timeless part of you that never loses sight of the miracle and wonder of your life.


"Everything went quite galactic for me, very blue/silver crossing many dimensions & lives. I felt ‘big’ beyond my physical body throughout. There was a beautiful gentle integration at the end which did feel safe. Inviting the old into the new." – Kathryn

"This was profound." – Teresa

"Before I went to bed I listened to Ancient You, Future You. This morning I feel amazing! I haven't had this much energy in months and months. Thank you, Lee! And thank you, Zs!" – Janet

Running time: 67 minutes


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