Life-force Rising: The Era of Kundalini (2018 - 2025)

When Kundalini arrives in your life, it is essentially like turning the engine back on in your soul.

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“Kundalini energy is the rocket fuel to transformation.”

“Kundalini energy has come up a great deal in my work over this past year. What is it, why is it happening to me and what does it mean? These are just some of the questions that have emerged. So it was time to create a dedicated channel for the topic, especially as my guides explained that we are now in an era of Kundalini, and that it will become more normal for people to be experiencing new levels of life-force in the next decade. So this message, with specially created sound healing elements, is designed for you and your rising life-force in a deeper and intimate way.” - Lee

For those of you who have experienced those first days of being in love, you’ll know the feeling. An energy that lights you up so much that food, sleep and normal practices get neglected for a while because you are full of life-force. This is a glimpse of what the experience of rising Kundalini is like. High doses of Kundalini show up in creativity, sex, exercise, meditation, yoga and so many more aspects of life, but now it is becoming more the norm on the planet for those who are open to it.

In this channelled message and sound healing, Lee and his guides lead you through a deep uncovering of this strong, magical energy at the heart of your life-force. They explain that Kundalini energy is the great transformer and it invites you back to yourself at the soul level.

"Listening to this recording was an amazing experience in itself. The voice work and sound healing in the background were incredible. In fact, when I listened to the preview, I got chills from the vocals and knew I had to purchase it. Being Kundalini Yoga practitioner and teacher, this information was so valuable. I love that there's many ways for this rising to happen and for many of us, it will happen without much effort. It was so helpful to hear what your guides said and I just found this all so soothing. Thank you-this was truly a wonderful production that I feel my Soul led me to!!!" - Ruby Koa

Themes include:

Navigating and managing this strong energy when it rises in your life

Cultivating a practice of Kundalini and understanding its rhythms

How Kundalini gives you a stronger immunity to fear occurring outside the self

Grounding the energy without judgement

Understand the role of Kundalini to your soul

Building new identity after a powerful Kundalini experience

Enjoying your new levels of life-force and integrating Kundalini as a sustained way of living.



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