Connect to Calm - Disconnect from Chaos

The tumultuous times we are living in have led many to cry out for a restoration of calm and a feeling of relief from the swirling chaos of world events and ever-shifting energies. This guided meditation offers a short but powerful process to consciously connect to calm, while releasing perceived chaos in both the outer world, and perhaps more importantly, our inner world - where the disruption can often be of our own making. Allow this message to lead you back to a place of calm within yourself, which in turn fosters a more peaceful life experience.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion of this recording in the video player above. Enjoy!

The Energy Alchemy Meditations are channeled healing meditations from Lee and his guides, the Z’s. Supported throughout by the peaceful music of Davor Bozic, these words and sounds are designed to bring you back to yourself, and connect you with your soul, in a short but potent series of minutes.

Running time: 21 minutes


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