Zs Transmission on Fear of the Future

When changes are coming from all directions and our world feels in a state of flux, one of the things that can easily happen is we over-speculate on the future. With our world in 2019 feeling drastically different to the recent past - our political, economic and environmental landscapes shifting, and the ever-increasing speed of the energies around us - it’s only logical that fear of the future has risen to the surface for many people.

“There is a level of mastery you are stepping into where you can start to experience peace over fear more of the time.”

In this transmission from Lee and The Zs, supported by the beautiful music of Davor Bozic, we are gently led to remember that the future has not yet been decided - and that while there are many possibilities and probabilities, there are no inevitabilities. The Zs explain that we are about to reach a whole new level in our experience of peace and our ability to transmute and release fear rapidly, and offer practical guidance for managing our fears when they arise.

Main themes include

  • Fear of the future is simply fear
  • Returning to the power of the present
  • The ways we are ‘fed’ fear of the future by external sources
  • Identifying what fears are yours and what belongs to others
  • How to be present with our fear, in order to shift it, without feeding it

“Fear does not have to be banned from your life. It simply has to be worked with in a different way. For this is a different time on the planet where collective fear is concerned. The by-product of the rise in collective fear, is a rise in collective strength.”

Special bonus: Gardeners of Heart and Light - Cultivating Higher Frequencies, came into being when Lee was recently a guest on a new late-night-style, consciousness-elevating talk show called Optimystic, hosted by Brandon Beachum - who also hosts the very popular podcast, Positive Head. Brandon asked if Lee would channel during the show, and this recording is the 10-minute segment where The Zs took center stage.

The message is brief, but potent and it felt important to share here in The Portal, as it speaks strongly of our role as bringers of light, heart and elevated frequencies during these chaotic times. Davor has added his sound magic throughout, enhancing the listening experience for all. 

If you’re curious about Optimystic, you can learn more via the links below:

Website - www.optimystic.tv

Instagram - @weareoptimystic

Optimystic Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3rrtJRGksA 

Running times: 

The Z’s on Fear of the Future - 31 minutes

Gardeners of Heart and Light - 13 minutes



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