The Changing Tides of Humanity: 2021-2024 - Cultivating Freedom

“Truth, compassion, love and joy will be the energies that will not only carry you through the next three years, but will ignite you.”

“It is a very edgy time to be alive.” Lee’s guides, The Z’s, state outright in their introduction to this recording, which finds them delivering their message in a stronger tone than we have previously known them to use, as they focus on the timeline of 2021-2024. They explain that this edginess arises as we move through, and are observing others who are in the distress, the shock, or the difficulty of the changing tide on the planet, and offer guidance for us to navigate what can often feel like stormy seas.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion this recording above. Enjoy a preview!

This fascinating channeled transmission and sound healing, featuring the music of Davor Bozic throughout, offers insight and information into what may take place energetically for us in the coming few years, so that we may:

  • Rise above the density
  • Connect to a sense of freedom as a soul 
  • Allow our consciousness to demonstrate to others that they need not sink under the weight of these constricting times. 

The Z’s explain that as we rise, the energies of peace, love, joy, fire, truth, and being a warrior on behalf of others can remain intact inside us, allowing us to celebrate, honor, and hold our own light in these very unique times on Earth. 

Running time: 55 minutes



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