Meditation for Restoration - The Sanctuary of Your Inner World

In the chaos of these fast-moving times, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the madness of the external world and find ourselves rapidly depleted.  Self-care and restoration are needed now - perhaps more than ever before - as we navigate the changes playing out on the world stage, structures we have known falling away, and the shifting frequencies now hitting our planet.

“It is important to let yourself restore as often as you can; to recognize this train is on the rails and it is not slowing down, but you can. In fact, it will be vital for you to slow down as often as you need to in order to calibrate yourself to new energy.”

Meditation for Restoration - The Sanctuary of Your Inner World is a channeled message designed to help you push the pause button on the noise of the world and return to the stillness of your home inside yourself. 

Lee and The Zs, supported by the magical music of Davor Bozic, gently guide you into accessing this inner refuge that allows you to step back deeply into the heart of yourself as a soul - and is always available to assist in bringing your soul back to zero point so that you can show up in the world again and respond.

 “Restoration will become the superpower of the coming years.”


Running time: 40 minutes



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