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From Transmissions Volume 1

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About Transmissions Volume 1...

From writer and artist, Chris Assaad


With the vibrations from their recently released album, AWAKEN, still rippling and reverberating out into the ethers, and with the sequel soon to come, Lee Harris and Davor Bozic, as prolific as ever in their co-creating, have something special and a little different on the way.

In June 2021, the sonic airwaves will be blessed with TRANSMISSIONS, the latest collaboration from these two seasoned masters of sound, energy and frequency.
TRANSMISSIONS is an exquisitely-crafted collection of sound-healing journeys that offers listeners the opportunity to go inwards, to be transported and to be transformed.

With an attention to detail and level of attunement to the listener’s experience that evokes instant and ever-deepening trust, Lee and Davor take us deep within, holding our hearts at every turn and leading us into our own inner world on a multi-dimensional  hovercraft that voyages into an exploration of five themes: “Time”, “Space”, “Peace”, “Play” and “Flow”.

Each piece is exactly 10 minutes and 8 seconds in length and set on the foundation of Davor’s pristinely produced and intentionally-composed ethereal musical landscapes, which enchantingly establish the mood and tone for each journey.

Each piece begins with a heart-opening cello suite followed by a beautiful weaving of Lee’s crystal-clear, spoken word messages channeled from his guides, the Z’s and then concludes with an integration-inducing, whisking away by Lee’s signature, fluid and hypnotic, mantra-based, layered vocal arrangements.

TRANSMISSIONS is sound healing at its finest.

And yet, it is more than just that.

It is a transcendent, multi-sensory listening experience. Vibrational medicine that invokes a depth of feeling and vibrant visuals, a musical elixir that stirs and alchemizes energies deep within, sonic soul food that activates, uplifts and inspires.

The album is a ceremony of sound that lands viscerally as a comforting warmth, a softening open and a melting away of burdens. Each transmission offers an activation of deep rememberings, a gentle but firm nudging onward in the direction of our highest possibilities, an expansion of our outlook and consciousness, and not least of all, a coming home to ourselves.

Yes, this is music you can move to, dance to and play to. It is music that you can listen to on repeat and allow it to wash over you as you rest, relax and replenish. It is music you can laugh and cry with, music you can sing and chant along with, and that you can heal, grow and evolve with.

Stay tuned for this magical and mystical offering coming in June.

Lee Harris and Davor Bozic have done it again.

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