Below we have a bundle of sheer inspiration for you! Enjoy the special audio recordings and videos that Lee has hand-picked — some of his most essential and foundational resources.

Lee and the Z’s: In the selected recordings, you will hear directly from Lee—and also from the Z’s, the channeled entities who are part of the collective energy family that speak through Lee. Learn more about Lee & the Z's →

A word about channeling: If you are new to channeled teachings, it can be helpful to demystify the mystery. Although distinct from the person who is channeling, channeled entities—like all beings—are part of the one mind, one heart, and one consciousness that connects us all. As you listen to the wisdom of the Z’s channeled through Lee, it is a fertile opportunity to recognize your own mastery. Perhaps most importantly, embrace what resonates for you and release the rest.


Carefully chosen from a growing library of more than 90 audio recordings, the intention of the free audio programs featured here is to offer listeners a journey of healing, hope, and freedom on all levels – emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. When listened to repeatedly, each topic of exploration works powerfully on energetic levels to initiate deep transformation.


You Are Love

You Are Love is a powerful yet gentle 15-minute energy activation that can be used daily, or whenever you feel to use it. Accompanied by original music from Dan Burke, Lee speaks directly to you about yourself—who you are, what you are here to experience, and the love that is uniquely expressed through you.

You are everything, but mostly, you are love.

"I really love your Meditation 'You Are Love'. I listen to it every night before I go to sleep and I think it moves a lot within me. I feel like the center of a kaleidoscope and can choose what to experience next. Self-Love is just the key to everything, how amazing." – S, Germany



Prepare to bring the full force of your spiritual power out into the open. Use this guided exercise as often as you wish to call back aspects of your power that you may have given away (to others, to circumstances)—and move forward now with confidence and optimism.

Other topics explored: What a lightworker is and their role on the planet; how to avoid energetic battles; how the planet’s shifting consciousness is affecting lightworkers on a daily basis, and how best to work with the energies of this transition.



A live version of Silent Night, mixed with the chant 'Gopala', this track was recorded with Narada Wise at Lee's Energy Mastery retreat in Sedona, December 2015.

The song was a spontaneous collaboration that occurred during a channeling & sound-healing session on the retreat.

We hope you enjoy.

Free Videos


Get clear. Be empowered. Feel inspired.

Each week, Lee interprets the current energetic climate, offering timely insights for navigating our personal and collective peaks and valleys, whether experienced emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually.

If you’re someone who enjoys watching monthly astrology forecasts online, you will appreciate the power of the combined energy maps—tuning into the frequencies that are present in your world with even greater awareness. You will be supercharged with clarity and understanding!

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Lee’s energy prescriptions for getting unstuck, dissolving fear, and living fully.

Love. Romance. Purpose. Work. Money. Creativity. Friendship. Family. Health. Fulfillment. Spiritual Awakening.  Life is full.  In all its wonder, it presents us with countless opportunities to grow and evolve. 

In this exciting new video series, Lee identifies the subtle nature of commonly experienced issues, beliefs, patterns, and key aspects of daily life, offering energy “prescriptions” for quick breakthroughs and lasting relief.

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