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"Bless you and THANK YOU!! I really feel like today I've been given permission to be me.So much is ringing round in my head from that meeting, everything you said had me spot on:), I look forward to hearing it again! and one day seeing you in body!!"-- Indra

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the session I had with you last month. Exactly what I needed & listening to the recording again I have gained even more insights. Your genuine warmth & integrity shine through & I am very grateful for your wisdom."-- Carole 

"Thanks for the audio file and just a quick note to say a huge thank you for our couples reading last week - Ishala and I found it very confirmatory and your accuracy and laser guided perceptions of our situations and experiences were amazing - thank you so much... all of you :-)"-- Nick and Ishala

"You worked with me at the beginning of March this year and I want to express again how grateful I am to you. I have listened to my personal recording many many times and each time brings new understanding. Thank you again for the guidance you provide for me and I want to let you know how incredibly grateful I am that I was introduced to your work. So thank you, thank you very much :))" -- Jill

"I must first tell you how grateful I am for our time together.  It really meant, and means so much to me. Of course, I thought of all kinds of things I may have asked after we hung up,  but I will save it for next time. I was so absorbed in the moment.You give so much and it was very special and truly cherished." -- Judy

“I wanted to say the sessions were the most wonderful treats for both of us and we just loved our sessions. So, thank you for what you do, Lee. It brought us great joy! and tremendous clarity.” --Caryn

"I just want to thank you so much from my heart to yours for all your love, wisdom and clarity that you've shared with me over time through your writings and with my files that you've just sent. You've been so helpful in allowing me to ground who I am.  I've had the luxury of feeling your guiding presence beside me and this has helped me tremendously.  I wish that I could give back to you in kind.  You are very much loved, honored and appreciated. Talk to you again soon." -- Deb

"I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the wonderful session. I felt it was important to tell you how warmly and lovingly your gift was received. You deliver guidance with such clarity, practicality, warmth and above all integrity. You have a wonderful way with words that is deeply touching and your guidance is sincere and full of love....Ive had many readings and your energy was so genuine and grounded, spiritual yet human too.....a wonderful balance. I just wanted you to know that! with heartfelt thanks and a big hug"-- Beki

“AWESOME! Thank you so much for working with us! You are such an inspiration to our soul! Thank you for connecting some of our missing dots and giving us the clarity we were seeking. We are honored and full of gratitude for the time we were able to spend with you!   We can't wait to listen to it time and time again!”—Deb and Lang

“WOW! Lee's session was like a breath of fresh air.  He is so clear, and genuine.  It was exactly what I needed to do. I would not call it a session, but a consciousness movement.  I am so thankful for his words and his encouragement. He saw things in me that I actually forgot were there, and I was thankful to get a reminder.  Words really cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and Zachary. Sending you many thanks and blessings! You are a master at your work, and you do it with such joy and love.”--Antonette

“At the end of August I had a session with you, and have since signed up for the Triple Z starting in November.  But I wanted to send you a brief note before then to let you know how positive I feel about the results from the first session. I want to thank you so much for your help, and to commend you for the excellent work you are doing for people like myself.” --Kelly

Thank you again for a most powerful reading. I will certainly recommend you. You have nailed it all, and if I were already in the practice of ''lying back in my Self and just be quiet'' (like the reading recommended), I would have
heard a little more of what wanted to come through. It's great to hear that on the file. Much love and gratitude.”--Tanya

“I received my file yesterday and really had a good chance to listen to it again.  Damn!  I feel as if I'm a rocket ship about ready to take off.  What a wonderful feeling!  I truly want to thank you for the *type* of session that I had with you.  The integrity level was very high and the experience was one of respect; for yourself as well as for me.  If I start to "channel" in any way, shape or form, you've set the bar very high and I would hope to be able to channel with the integrity and love that I could feel in my reading.  Sincere thanks .”--Deb

“I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your ever-deepening excellence in channeling the truth over and over again. I am listening to our session daily now, and the core message of my individual healing is crystal clear and present. There is only one person in my life who can travel with me to such depth and understanding. It is you, and you only!”--Angelika

“Thanks again for that truly amazing session! The energy keeps on moving and moving and moving, quite amazing actually.”-Matthias

“Thank you so much Lee, for a wonderful session and for the recording. You have a great gift- thank you for using it to help!”--Hedda
“I can't thank you enough. If I had gotten just two of the things your reading (and your MP3 on Mother Freedom) gave to me, it would have been worth what a session costs! Just being seen -- my robust strength, ok, but the deep sensitivity, the fact that I have so much joy around the information I receive and see (the fact that you recognized that I do receive and see) -- and especially at this time of my life, was worth it all. And then to hear your recording, and just one thing in there started the healing of my broken heart: a mother is never separated from her children. Just hearing that was a balm. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”--Barbara

“Thanks for the reading, Lee. It provided me with a fresh and more hope-filled perspective!”--Micheline

“I was just telling a friend of mine about the amazing reading you did for me at the end of February, so clearly confirming that I am doing the right thing with my move to South America. Sending lots of love and light to you from Cambodia.”--Liesbeth
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"You are everything, but mostly, you are love"

Now is your time....

My work and my passion is to bring my gifts as a channeler and energy intuitive to our fast changing world.

I offer my channelings, messages and observations for you to experience within your own freedom. They are not attached to any religion or ideology -  instead they are grounded in the most fundamental  truth - you are love and you have within you the power to transform and elevate your
life and the lives of others.

You are everything 
and when you remember 
this, everything and 
anything is possible.

In peace and in love,


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