WAKE - Lee Harris and Dan Burke

music Jun 07, 2018

The lyrics in WAKE came from feeling haunted by the death of my Grandmother, but not in a bad way. It was just that, 6 years after she died, I was shocked by how she was in my memories and consciousness on a daily basis. I definitely didn’t see her every day when she was alive, as we lived 2 hours apart. So these regular ‘visits’ after her death really struck me.

I loved her deeply, and she gave so much to me and all members of our family, but I truly had no idea that her death would make her even more present in my life in a strange and different way. It was a bittersweet realisation for sure, as I would have loved one more hug or to hear some of her classic ‘sayings’ again or to see her laughing. But I replay all of that in my memories often and her death taught me just HOW MUCH we love people when they are around us, and perhaps only their death, (or their not being around anymore) really reveals the extent of that.
So I felt like holding a WAKE for her, musically.

WAKE is one of those surprise song releases for me. It’s a simple song, created back in 2010 when the brilliant Dan Burke and I were making the album GOLDEN WORLD (released in 2011).

WAKE was one of the possible songs for the album but when we decided it didn’t belong in the collection, it got put in the digital attic!

Dan sent it to me a few months ago as he’d dug it out, and we both thought ‘why not’? Dan likes ‘throwing things into the wild’ (his name for the internet) and I love freeing hidden or forgotten art….

Our masterful editor Rebecca Hall created this beautiful video for the song.
We hope you enjoy.

Big love

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