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With over 6 hours of course content, you'll learn empowering techniques to create healthy boundaries for the rest of your life.

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In this 360 degree look at how to bring loving and authentic boundaries into your life, we will be looking at these areas...

  • How Boundaries invite authentic connection and new levels of magnetism into your life 
  • Knowing when and why boundaries might be needed
  • Why we fear and avoid creating boundaries and how to navigate and understand our emotions and resistance
  • Taking our wounds out of our boundary setting with others, and knowing what signs to look out for in yourself to 'release the triggers'
  • How to set boundaries with people we love
  • How to set boundaries with ourselves
  • Creating a boundary around Self-love in our lives
  • How boundaries need to be fluid and open to change (as we change and grow)
  • When is it time to break/release/heal previously needed boundaries?
  • Owning the Abundance of your Spirit and Soul (boundaries channel from The Z’s)
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"Thank you Lee! Excellent class. Extraordinary shifts already. Clearing the past, creating the future by living my boundaries now. My heart rings open looking forward to what's next."

- Serenity

"It is an incredible amount of information. I thought I knew what to expect from past classes, but just WOW!"

- Ruth

"Just did the Masterclass in Boundaries - which was just amazing. Will be working with it for a while to mine all the Gold! So powerful and insightful. Thank you!"

- Regina

What if you became so good at understanding your personal needs that boundaries simply became part of your self-care?

What if you became so used to creating boundaries when needed, that it no longer brought up fear for you, but instead became the doorway to greater freedom, connection with others, and ease in your life?

Practice is key to this, but so is a deeper understanding of WHY boundaries are so essential.

Are Boundaries a superpower that allows us to better take care of others and ourselves?

Or are they just a way to alienate others, yourself and leave you isolated?

The fear underneath ‘boundary setting’ is that we will isolate ourselves from people we love, hurt others and make relationship mistakes we might regret.

While the above experience may feel true to you, it doesn't need to be that way and there is a way to understand both the mechanics and the energetics of boundaries that help us see and use them as the superpower they are.

Authentic Boundaries are a healthy part of our lives, and have a huge influence on our lives and what we allow ourselves to receive and experience. When setting boundaries, we often forget that we model and teach healthy ways of being through our example, just as we also learn from those with healthy boundaries.

The purpose of this course is to give you exercises, tools and techniques to create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life.

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What's Included...

Lee unpacks practical techniques for creating healthy boundaries, all organized into short modules so you can easily revisit particular sections

Lee channels his guides, The Z's, and they share their perspective, offering an even deeper understanding on the subject

Submit your questions for Lee to answer in a dedicated Q&A session for deeper clarification and understanding 

Streaming video of all teaching modules, plus downloadable audio and written transcripts of the entire workshop, stored and organized neatly for you online

A Downloadable 32-page PDF workbook filled with practical information and writing exercises

Lifetime access to all course materials so you can easily revisit them in your private member's area any time

Bonus Audio Recording & Transcript

Hear a Channeled Perspective on Boundaries in Advance of the Masterclass

In this 1-hour channeled message, Lee’s guides, The Z’s, explain that, in fact, boundaries and connection are intrinsically linked, and that without one, you can’t have the other. They share a fascinating perspective on our levels of connection in our world at this time and the power of weaving boundaries into our daily living.

Supported by the transcendent music of Davor Bozic, The Z’s offer their unique insight into many aspects, including:

  • The possibilities boundaries can give us
  • Changes in the human ‘drama’ and division as we head into the second quarter of the 21st century
  • The need for internal boundaries as much or more so than external ones
  • The pathway to embodying multidimensionality
  • Connection as an ongoing process.
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Start setting the boundaries you need for a healthier, happier life. 


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