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Live Q&A Broadcast with Lee on
April 24, 2023 at 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET

12 Modules of Video Teaching

Downloadable Course Worksheets with Every Module

Qigong from Steven Washington to Rebuild the Body

Downloadable Audio Files of Every Module to Listen On-the-Go

Special Bonus Content Including Soundhealing Audio Channels

Private Discussion Forum for Sharing Thoughts and Asking Questions

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3 Monthly Payments of $69

This is a healing course designed to restore and return you to your power.

In early 2017, I responded to this question which was posed by a follower of my work, "Could you give advice on empaths standing up for themselves and remaining in their truth while dealing with a narcissist?" The 3-minute answer I gave has now been viewed over 250,000 times online. The overwhelming response to that clip was, "Can you please do more on this?"

The topic of recovering emotionally, mentally, spiritually, psychically, and physically from narcissists whether they be parents, friends, bosses or intimate partners kept coming up in my work both online and at my events. It became clear that few people are untouched by the damage a narcissist can potentially do and, having had my own experiences of this dynamic and recovering from it, I have much to share on this topic as an empath.

Here's what some former participants have said about this experience...

 Lindsay D.

"I have found so many answers that I have been searching for the last 16 years. I can see my whole life puzzle now and all the bits and pieces make sense now. I feel EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for Lee and his team for this amazing work that is surely LIFE-CHANGING. I have already recommended the course to a couple of my friends who have a similar story to mine. I found the course very well-structured, well spaced, with content shared in a digestable way, well-thought-out questions, not too many, just enough. The price is reasonable as well. If I had gone to a therapist and worked on these issues, I would have had to pay thousands of $ and it would have taken me years and years and it wouldn't have been that depth that I am very grateful for..."

Christine R.

Empaths vs. Narcissists is your very best and most important work to date Lee! Can't thank you enough for this healing wisdom you provide for those of us still stuck and desperately trying to work our way through and out from under…

Rebecca P.

This class is so well defined, so on point, so direct and so clear. It is helping me to put my own daily, weekly, and yearly plan of action into place in a very clear and concise form. I am ready to stand in my own power and the timing was perfect for me. I think you have helped me gather everything I have been learning so that I can organize it and use it each and every day. This is the most powerful plan!

Michael M.

I love this course. It is so eye-opening to see how easily I was preyed upon and so willingly fell into the narcissist’s trap. Like so many, the emotions are swirling. I'm grateful for it since I know that means I am processing and shifting let alone healing. How empowering for all of us. Finally, a road map.

Register Now for Only $199
3 Monthly Payments of $69

How is the Course Broken Down?

The course defines Empaths and Narcissists and explains why they are attracted to each other. It tracks the development of the relationship and the way the dynamic unfolds right up to the moment of realization and shock. It looks deeply at the size and scope of damage you can possibly face. This course then carefully, lovingly, and with precision gives you all the insights, advice, and tools you need to make both a full recovery and to protect yourself from this dynamic in the future. It is a must for anyone determined to recover from this relational experience. Here are the modules that are all available to you as soon as you register.

As a special bonus, you'll receive Lee's acclaimed audio recording, The End of People Pleasing: A Guide to Letting Go

In this 45-minute channelled teaching, Lee examines why people-pleasing shows up in our lives and how to move past it to embrace greater life force and happiness with whole-hearted compassion.

Themes include:

  • Learning to operate with more energetic honesty.
  • Understanding how when you override your own feelings and desires to make others comfortable, you only hurt yourself (and why the current times are making it harder for you to do that).
  • Learning to hold and lead with compassion as you change this dynamic.
  • Finding the great life force that can be awakened within when you break the people-pleasing pattern.

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 It's time to take your power back.

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Register Now for Only $199
3 Monthly Payments of $69

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