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Please Note: The "live broadcasts" that this video references have already taken place. Therefore, the full video replays, transcripts and worksheets are now available for you immediately, as soon as you sign up, to go through at your own pace. 

A Message from The Z's

Lee's guides, The Z's, came through with this message to explain the intention behind the course...

How do you bring a higher and wider power into your daily life and reality?

How can you better sustain yourself in times like these? 

How do you rise above, dig deep and access the light and power of your soul, amid the human dramas, trials and tribulations of the world?

How do you initiate that change of vibration in your life and thus, by osmosis, bring that to the lives of those around you.

We are aware these are questions that many of you are holding closer to your hearts and minds than ever before. And in the coming years, allowing all of the above will be your path, your way and what will emerge in and through you.

During INITIATION, we will be directly addressing these questions and energies, and more. 

It will take place across a series of weekly digestible messages and energetic transmissions with us.

Each Wednesday, we will deliver a new INITIATION message that will be around an hour or so in length, and then Lee will guide you through the human CALIBRATION of our message and transmission via a message from him in the days in between.

For when your higher self and soul gets activated, your human self gets to INTEGRATE a new level inside you. Hence an INITIATION of the higher self, followed by a CALIBRATION in the human self. 

Both are equally important and beautiful parts of the journey.

Your hearts are strong - FAR stronger than you may believe right now and your minds are also ready for a breakthrough. An upshift. We are ready to guide you to see, feel and know this at a deeper level.

There is NOTHING wrong with where you are right now by the way - that is so important to understand. The human mind likes to judge, and most of you have been trained to judge yourselves (and others) in that way. 

The soul only experiences judgement as a delay or resistance to progress, and deeper connection. 

And the soul is incredibly patient. Resistance can be a beautiful thing for a human - it can be your way of giving yourself more time and space to calibrate. Too often, you have been trained to ‘judge’ resistance as a bad thing. We do not see it that way.

You cannot reach a new height in a grounded way through rejecting the place you are in.

We aim to guide you in this.

But we also feel the yearning on Earth now that more of you than ever before are seeking to live at and from a higher level of awareness, and thus, create a higher level of reality on Earth.

This will be an initiation of:

  • Embracing ALL parts of you so that you enter more of your innate multidimensionality and the power that comes when all parts of you get to coalesce.
  • Healing and lovingly releasing the old parts that no longer want to stay as old energy in you, but instead, seek to be renewed. They want to become the future - not stay lingering in the past.
  • Allowing and inviting ALL NEW LEVELS of YOU. Your soul, your light, your power and your brightness. Allow it out. It will beautifully surprise you and others.
  • Inviting the power of ONENESS and MULTIDIMENSIONALITY to become part of your human path and way on Earth. Connecting to the power that exists for all humans.

Human life can be a short incarnation for some, so this is why we always encourage you to LIVE now. 

That encouragement will be the underscore of these INITIATION and CALIBRATION messages. 

Allowing yourself to be ready to LIVE and EMBODY yourself, your light and the energy of ONENESS at an all new level.

We will be speaking to you each week at a soul level, gently activating your higher self, while also supporting and honoring your beautiful humanity.

Lee will be guiding you on how to allow and bring it all together at a human level.

No need to reject anything you are feeling or experiencing, but instead to become curious, allow it all to move and land inside you, and develop your awareness as it all takes place.

INITIATION will be a ride. 

One that will surprise you at times, and one that will reconnect you to THE POWER OF YOUR HEART and the power of HOW CONNECTED you all are. To each other, to spirit and to the ABILITY TO BIRTH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS on and for this planet. And all sentient life upon it.

The worldwide group of you who will join for this INITIATION will all be connecting energetically as you take the journey.

It is time for new levels of heart and consciousness to arrive on the planet.

And it can be done.

And it will.

We welcome you to this INITIATION if it resonates with you to join.

And if it doesn’t, please know you will find your way to all we have said above in your own way and your own time.

In peace and in love,

The Z’s, and Lee

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Four teaching sessions, 75-90 minutes each, where Lee delivers a special channeled message from his guides, The Z's

Four Calibration Videos that Lee has recorded to offer further integration of the teaching

Downloadable transcripts of each channeled teaching plus accompanying worksheets for deeper understanding

Lifetime access to all course materials neatly organized for you in your private member's area

A private community discussion forum where you can discuss the teaching and connect with others from all over the world

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