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Episode 153: A Special Episode: Lee & Scott Stabile Discuss Lee's New Book

The tables are turned for this special episode as Scott Stabile - author of Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart, and Just Love, and transformational breathwork facilitator - interviews Lee about his new book. Scott also leads personal empowerment workshops around the world and is a dear friend of Lee's.

In this show, we learn how the book came to be with Dianna Edwards, psychotherapist and friend, who facilitates conversations with Lee's guides, the Z's. They discuss many topics that are themes in the book, including: creating a multidimensional life, using the power of laughter, magnetizing connective energies, and why we are here at this particular time. Lee speaks to his relationship to being a channel and the power of it for himself and the people he serves in his work while managing some of the judgment that can surround it. This dynamic conversation, filled with authenticity and humor, offers a glorious glimpse into Lee's second channeled book.

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Episode 152: 5 Tips to Get Your Spiritual Business Dream into Reality

In this bonus Insight Episode, Lee explores the following:

  • The path of service, growth, learning and change with the mindset to be ready.
  • Getting clarity on serving and fulfilling a need that others have or just your own dream and desire.
  • Letting bigger visions take time and ways to focus on the most important steps in the moment.
  • Identifying your value to others and your business - the importance of protecting that value.
  • Ways to invest in your business and investment in yourself and your wellbeing.

Join Lee for OWN YOUR VALUE, his online course created to assist healers, creatives and entrepreneurs with the inner shifts and practical actions needed to realize the next level - both in business and in themselves. A powerful training that combines practical step-by-step guidelines, a live broadcast with Lee, and special channeled messages from his guides, The Z's, that will offer energetic support to get you to where you want to be. Details and registration here:


Episode 151: September 2022 Energy Update 

In this episode, enjoy Lee's hugely popular monthly Energy Update where he takes the pulse of what's going on energetically, emotionally, and psychologically.

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Episode 150: Lee Reflects on 150 Episodes 

For our 150th show, Lee answers questions and reflects on Season 1 of Impact the World. If you are interested in a behind the scenes look at his podcast, you'll love this special episode.


  • 02:16 - Why did you decide to to the podcast?
  • 05:52 - Do you have a favorite moment from Season 1?
  • 08:22 - How do you prepare for the interviews?
  • 11:51 - Who are your dream guests?
  • 14:32 - Has doing the podcast changed you in any way?
  • 18:13 - How did the show change because of the pandemic/lock down?
  • 19:41 - What do you hope your audience takes away?
  • 22:05 - What matters most when curating your guests and the show?
  • 25:48 - Any sneak peeks inside Season 2?

Want to go deeper with Lee's work? Join us for Transmissions 2022: Elevate Your Vibration. This workshop features: 4 broadcasts with channeled transmissions from Lee's guides - as well as guided meditations, soul-sensory music, private discussion boards, Q & A and more! This special online gathering will offer an energetic roadmap for rising into your highest purpose, as well as a deeper connection to cultivating joy, love, and peace. To learn more visit:


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