Conversations with The Z's - Part 6: Multidimensionality and the Human Experience

Part 6 of this unique series of channeled interviews with Lee's guides, the Z's, facilitated by Lee's good friend, author, and psychotherapist, Dianna Edwards. While these conversations are an ongoing series, each one does stand alone. Unless you choose to engage with prior episodes in the series, you can enjoy this recording without feeling you have missed anything.

Subtitled Multidimensionality and the Human Experience, Part 6 is a fascinating, in-depth discussion that also features the title track from Lee’s album with Davor Bozic, I AM PEACE

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In these conversations, the information and the energetics that the Z's share about our world now and in the future brings in a whole new way of experiencing both the channeled information, and our own view of the world.

Part Six takes a deep dive into how we experience multidimensionality as human beings. Some focal points are: 

  • How non-physical beings, like the Z’s, connect with us as humans
  • Our access to universal knowledge and wisdom
  • How we can become more comfortable with our multidimensionality
  • How we can shift fear - both fear of connection and of separation
  • The effect of technology on our mental and emotional health
  • Identifying our multidimensional abilities and how they show up with others
  • The nature of premonitions.

We invite you to take in the information, let go of anything that doesn't serve you, and perhaps let what does serve you inspire a new way of seeing yourself, the world, your soul and your humanity.

Running time: 91 minutes

Dianna Edwards is an author and psychotherapist. She is passionate about helping people live a more full and present life. She does this through inspiring both adults and children to have conscious conversations around the topics of grief, death, and dying. Dianna feels these topics are integral to how we live our lives in an empowered and joyful state of conscious awareness. To learn more about Dianna and the diverse body of her work please go to 

You can learn more about Dianna by watching Lee’s interview of Dianna on his Impact the World Podcast here: 

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