Conversations with The Z’s: The Energetics of the New Human Soul - Part 4

Part Four of a phenomenal series of channeled interviews with Lee's guides, The Z's, facilitated by Lee's good friend, author, and psychotherapist, Dianna Edwards. This intriguing exchange also features the song, 'Into Freedom’ from Lee’s album with Davor Bozic, I AM PEACE. Looking for Parts 1-3? Please see the links below.

We've included a video trailer that features a portion this recording above. Enjoy a preview!

In these conversations, the information and the energetics that The Z's share about our world now and in the future brings in a whole new way of experiencing both the channeled information, our own view of the world, and as they say, “the energetics of the new human soul”, which is the title that they gave for this series of conversations. 

Part Four explores a variety of topics, including:

  • Planetary and crystal grids and how they affect the Earth and humanity
  • The power of words and their connection to emotions/reactivity
  • The ‘admiration trap’ that can lead to the lower vibrations of envy/jealousy
  • Becoming the ‘antidote’ for what the planet is going through at this chaotic time
  • The varying types of humans and what it means to be a human now versus thousands of years ago.

We invite you to take in the information, let go of anything that doesn't serve you, and perhaps let what does serve you inspire a new way of seeing yourself, the world, your soul and your humanity.

Running time: 1 hour 4 minutes

Dianna Edwards is an author and psychotherapist. She is passionate about helping people live a more full and present life. She does this through inspiring both adults and children to have conscious conversations around the topics of grief, death and dying. Dianna feels these topics are integral to how we live our lives in an empowered and joyful state of conscious awareness. To learn more about Dianna and the diverse body of her work please go to 

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