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The Course Modules

There are 4 main course modules taught by Lee and his guides, the Z's. We make these available to you as video, downloadable audio and PDF transcript format so you can enjoy them at your convenience in any format you wish, as often as you wish.

A Message about the Course from Lee's Guides, the Z's

Welcome to TRANSMISSIONS 2022 and this opportunity we will have to work with you in a focused, energetic way. 

Firstly, allow yourself to recognise the transition your world, and you, are in.

Why the transition is happening can be a major point of focus on Earth right now. Earth events can also potentially be a concern, a worry, and a trigger for deep old ancient wounds. 

Overly circling the ‘why’ of this current transition can keep you in reaction against the present, rather than allowing you to be in collaboration with the present. Do you remember your trust in building a new future? For yourself and for the planet?

Do you have the patience that may be required for you to see this process through?

There is no right or wrong answer to that question but asking the question can begin to wake up your soul once more, and allow you to hook out of the current doom and fear stories on Earth, none of which will help you to navigate or flourish in these times.

Coupled with this, is the shock, and contracted energy that your world finds itself in right now. It has many on the planet in a place of unrest, fear, and immobility. This may be inside you or it may simply be a contagious energy around you that you are noticing.

But from our perspective, the soul realms, this transition is WHY you came here. You came here to be part of it, and to help CREATE it. 

So do not judge your current reaction to your world or your life, even if you are not feeling good about either. But recognise that not only are most on Earth feeling or experiencing the weight and pressure of this time, few are able to maintain their sense of presence as they go through this transitory time on Earth.

The powerlessness that so many on the planet feel right now is their sense of powerlessness over the systems you have in place, and yet, this is the time and the decade where the old will fall and the new will rise. 

The seeds are already around you and it is in fact the inner transformations you are ALL undergoing right now that will inform and create those outer changes that your world needs. To create a world with more harmony, balance, and TOGETHERNESS (sometimes referred to as ‘Oneness’). It is not your job specifically - it will take all of you, rising together, even though you will all be in different places and positions as you rise.

We will not tell you that the journey of these transition years will always be or feel easy, as these upheavals can be taxing on your energy and nervous systems as well as precarious for some on a physical and material level.

But the sickness in your system is coming to light. There is so much love, light, and joy available on Earth but it is not supported through the current structures of your world. Which is why they must change.

There are multiple possibilities for Earth in the coming years, but you will influence and create that through your presence, focus, and will each day. And so many of you lately have been purging old layers at high speed, and waiting for the new to come in.

The INNER WORLD is where that power is growing steadily now.

So, we invite you to take an INNER SOUL JOURNEY with us so that you can elevate not just your inner experience, but also bring that vibration to bear on your outside world and life - one day, one step, and one person at a time.

SO, in our messages and transmissions to you in this journey of ELEVATING YOUR VIBRATION, we will be walking you through the cleanse and purge you are experiencing, yes, and pointing out aspects of that such that it can be easier to navigate.

But we will ALSO be guiding you on an energetic level to remember the blueprint of your soul and the power in you all that has had to lay dormant until now. In the coming three to five years, your society is going to see that soul power rise in tangible and effective ways, individually and collectively, but for many of you, there is a deep chrysalis experience taking place right now. An inner transformation that will lead to an outer revolution - both collectively and personally.

You need not resist the chrysalis. It is where evolution is strongest at this moment.

So, if it resonates with you to join us, along with support from Lee and his team, we will see you for the TRANSMISSIONS 2022 journey - to ELEVATE YOUR VIBRATION.

In peace and in love,

The Z’s

Here's What's Included...

Teaching from Lee and the Z's

You'll receive four 90-minute modules which include in-depth intuitive teaching from Lee plus channeled teaching from his guides, the Z's.

Cultivating Joy

The Magic of Your Future

We're included a powerful 1-hour channeled recording from the Z's that's intended to set the tone so you can prepare yourself for the experience.

Course Companion Album

Lee has hand-selected 10 music tracks featuring his songs with Davor Bozic, plus other artists on his Golden World Music label, to provide a soothing soundscape for our journey together.

Going Deeper

Lee has chosen a cross-section of questions submitted by the audience to allow for expansion and further clarity on the teachings.

Connect with Community

Connect with the Lee Harris Energy Team and your fellow course attendees in a private forum inside Lee's website for maximum privacy.

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Plus Special Integration Support Tools

Movement expert Steven Washington has created a special Qigong sequence to help you stay centered.

We provide you with energetic exercises and guided meditations for further support along the way.

Each video module comes with a downloadable guide to help absorb the teaching and reinforce the main themes.

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About Lee Harris

Lee is a globally acclaimed Energy Intuitive, Channeler and Musician who offers grounded, practical teachings focused on helping conscious, intuitive, and sensitive people heal, thrive, and live a better life. His channeled books, ENERGY SPEAKS and newest release, CONVERSATIONS WITH THE Z'S, BOOK ONE, became instant bestsellers and his intuitive messages reach hundreds of thousands of people every month via his free and highly popular monthly ENERGY UPDATE VIDEOS. His monthly members' community, THE PORTAL offers tools and interactive live teachings to go deeper with his work and connect with a worldwide community. With over a hundred audio recordings and online courses for navigating a soul-led life with clarity, empowerment, and optimism, Lee also mentors creatives, healers and entrepreneurs on how to bring their gifts and talents into the world via his free IMPACT THE WORLD PODCAST. His workshops, held around the globe, are adventures into the deepest aspects of living, loving, and awakening. As a musician and artist himself, Lee believes deeply in the power of our creativity for healing, and his acclaimed albums including I AM PEACE, TRANSMISSIONS and AWAKEN (produced by his label GOLDEN WORLD MUSIC with Davor Bozic) have charted as high as No. 1 on the iTunes and Amazon NEW AGE charts.