Energy Update April 2019

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Unexpected Events, Creative Energy on a High and The Past Meeting the Future


The 3 main themes we are exploring for April are:


But first, I want to address a theme that has been playing out for many during March - ENERGETIC OVERWHELM - the feeling that you are at capacity with how much you can feel, experience and process.


For most of us, that feeling or surge of overwhelm can rise and pass quite quickly and we are plunged back into a feeling of space and creative or life-force energy. But for those of you who are feeling particularly paralysed by the overwhelm - it’s going to be really important to focus on support of the self in this coming month. So don’t beat yourself up if you’re feeling like a lot is moving through you. Everyone has been feeling it!

Unfortunately, that’s often the first way that we stop ourselves, to judge or be upset at ourselves when we are struggling internally, rather than treat ourselves with kindness while we go through these inner shifts. If you’re having a rough time right now and fighting yourself because of it - can you be okay with your level of emotion around where you’re at? And most importantly, ask yourself, “What SUPPORT do I need to get through this? Do I need outer support? Do I need to support myself on a more inner level? Do I need to set an intention for this to change? What action can I take right now in this moment?”

And just lean into any one or all of those as much as you can in April. Because there is a LOT of life-force energy pulsing through people right now and for some, being stuck or unable to move can sometimes be a resistance to that next level, but often, it’s simply a purge and a growth pain.


A new theme of ‘deadness’ and ‘detachment’ will also appear in the month of April as a new ‘low’ point in all the overwhelm. So whether you’re experiencing this in yourself (as a new energy symptom) or whether you feel and notice other people in your life ‘checking out’, switching off, distracting themselves to try and solve discomfort, and not being very present, don’t judge or take it personally. This is actually a new energy that is going round right now and rising up in the collective.

As is often the case when we go through tough times, we have this mythic idea that we are the only ones going through it. But actually for most energetically sensitive or aware people, whenever there is something moving through the collective or certain energies going on at a planetary level, we are all affected by them. Although you may not be experiencing this symptom yourself, you may notice it going on for others - so you lending an ear or a shoulder to this person who seems ‘checked out’ might be the remedy they need to open up again. Or if it is you, ask yourself what extra support and space you might be needing. And for most of you who experience this in April, it is to do with the energetic intensity - know that this too shall pass.


One thing that we need to be mindful of in energetically intense times like these is to not immediately react to behaviour that might seem strange, defensive or odd. If you have a repeated pattern with someone where there’s an unhealthy or toxic dynamic playing out, sure, maybe you do need to address that with them or walk away.

But I’m speaking here more generally. Unexpected behaviour from the strangers you might meet or people you know who wouldn’t normally behave in defensive or switched-off ways - they too are just having a reaction to the enormous amount of energy, over-stimulation and sometimes high levels of fear and life-force energy that are moving through the collective.

So remember, you might be the person to offer them a smile, a kind word, “Hey, are you okay? Is there anything you need?” It’s an overwhelming time so it’s important to look out for each other and help each other when we can. I know I am really grateful when people do that for me so I try to do that as much as I can for others too. But we’re all human and going through our own highs and lows. So on the day when you can show up for others - that’s great. On a day when you can’t - be sure to invite that support to and for yourself.


The UNEXPECTED is another strong energy current that will play out in April and it links in with the theme of THE PAST MEETING THE FUTURE. Because so many of us are being asked to grow at rapid rates, you might notice old memories (or even past people) showing up in your life, giving you a chance to review them and see them from a different perspective. This renewal and healing energy is happening very strongly on the planet now, and in some cases can see huge breakthroughs where your past is concerned.

There’s always a review of the past as you move into the future. This might show up as you feeling bold and brave about embarking on a new relationship, a new quest or a new desire then immediately finding a very young part of yourself that is afraid and doesn’t want to move forward into this new form. Or the fear could manifest through the form of someone else in your life who says to you, “Oh, I don’t know if what you’re about to do is a good idea - everything might go wrong if you embark on that!”

So you start to think that maybe they’re right, whereas in truth, they are just an outer reflection of your own inner fear. Just remember, we hire people outside ourselves to play out parts of ourselves. So if that is happening for you in your external life as you are taking bold leaps forward, recognise the fear or judgment others may have of you and ask yourself:

  • Is this mine too?
  • Are they just playing that out for me?
  • Can I clear it so that I no longer need to be in that vibration when I’m around them?
  • Can I firmly but kindly say, “Thanks for being scared for me but it’s okay - it’s worth a shot. I know you’re probably just trying to protect me but you don't need to worry about me. I’m going to try this out and the worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work!”

We’re all learning together how to become upgraded human souls. And one of the things that I have encountered many times (particularly during my early years on the spiritual path), is the idea that if we’re aligned and living a soul-led life, then nothing should be going wrong on the human plane. I don't ascribe to that belief at all. I see that if you are human, in a body, on this planet, at this time in history - there’s going to be human stuff happening; there are going to be challenges and beauty all along the way. The soul-led person simply knows how to handle the challenges when they come along!

One of the most important acts of self love (for any of us at this time) is to be able to LOVINGLY PARENT and be kind to the parts of ourselves that are scared or overwhelmed. Those parts of us will come up. You cannot embark on forward growth and not have a historic part of your memory come up that’s either scared or stuck, or some people in your life who think (and tell you) that you’re crazy to do this.

The best place to get to with all of this is a place of neutrality. There will always be fear, but there is always GROWTH and joy too. And lovingly parenting yourself through the stressors of this time and this growth is going to unleash into you the good stuff - the joy!

Which is the other aspect of this month - CREATIVE ENERGY. Life-force energy. The feeling of being able to create things and states in equal measures.


“I’m going to make this documentary that’s really going to help a certain group.”

“I’m going to do a nice piece of art because it’s therapy for me.”  

“I’m going to create in my kitchen.”

“I am going to create a therapy business.”

“I am going to help my friend create his garden.”

“I am fried this last few months and so I am going to make sure that this month, I build in some time for me to do some nice things and to just feel peaceful. I am going to create peace in my life.”

These are all equally ‘creating’ states. We have to take good care of our creative energy by making time for these practises. Creative energy and life-force energy will be there in abundance for us right now if we can also ride the wave of the growth challenges.

Remember you’re not alone. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to reach out to a friend to say, “I’m having a bit of a rough time. Can we talk?” Or simply, “I’m thinking of you - how are you?” When we connect with each other and get back into our community formations - whether it’s with one person or with a group - we start to alleviate some of that personalized anxiety. And we personalize anxiety that is actually quite collective. This is something that we have to remember. I always liken it to when you’re swimming in the ocean, having a nice time when all of a sudden, you go through a cold patch! The world is like that, people are like that and energy is like that. And on any given day, there are warm patches and cold patches. It’s not that the cold patches are a problem, it’s more about how we navigate through those and whether we keep swimming.

And right now, we can keep navigating ourselves back into a very potent creative energy, and THAT is a very restorative energy on the planet at this time of great change. It holds a lot of peace.


Part of what’s going on at the moment is because we are at a crux point of consciousness shifting on the planet. It’s uncomfortable, it’s a bit messy and depending on where you look, there’s a lot of destabilization. But, where the past meets the future, it’s really important to be a FUTURIST and not just someone who is stuck in the past. This is why working on our trauma, our wounds and our pain is really important. But equally, if you’re someone who feels like you’ve been working on your wounds for years, it might be time to start working on YOUR FUTURE.

You might need to start REALLY visioning into your future, visioning what you want to create - perhaps for the next six days or the next six years of your life. Or perhaps it’s both.

Many sensitives can get stuck in past events or pain or suffering on the planet and feel unable to move beyond it. Usually, what helps to move beyond it is to be grateful for what we have today - free of the story of the past - but equally to see a future for ourselves. And that future for ourself will involve other people too. So when I talk about the past meeting the future this month, I really want you LEAN INTO THE FUTURE and to see the future of your life. If I had asked you five years ago what your life was going to be like for the next five years, there are some experiences you would have known would come up but there would also have been a whole bunch of surprises that you weren’t expecting to happen. This is the ‘unexpected events’ energy at work this month - people from your past coming back in for healing and people who want to come towards you with creative energy or life-force energy.

So we have to be able to be willing to unfurl ourselves from the sofa, pull the curtains up, open the front door and allow some of that creative energy in. And usually when our trauma is really deep or we’re stuck in a pattern of wound - it’s the last thing we want to do. So if you feel like you’re that person right now - I encourage you to look at what would support you this month to let some light in. Allow yourself to feel the positivity in your future, even if your mind only wants to talk to you about fear. Remember, if you’re fearing your future, you’re stuck in the past somewhere, because we don’t have a dominant fear of our future unless traumatic events from our past are still holding us hostage.

It’s a really complex energy system in the world right now, and very fast moving. The one good thing about that is that things pass really quickly. I love the phrase, ‘This too shall pass.’ It’s something that I have used many times in my own difficult times or dark nights of the soul, to remember that it will pass, that there is help all around us and that we can REACH OUT and INTEND for that help to come in and shift things.

And if you are on the creative energy ride, don’t forget it’s okay if your creative momentum stops every now and then - you might just need to stop and burn things off - that’s just the ebb and flow of growth.

When I was recording this month's MP3 channel for my members club, The Portal, and tuning in on what was needed, the title that came was, ‘The Way of the Sensitive - Evolving in Tumultuous Times’. And what came out is that those of you who are deeply sensitive (and who may have felt awakened for a long time),  when the rest of the planet also starts to awaken, you’re going to be moving forward and progressing again! So, sensitives, know that you are in a really strong time of upgrade right now and so you might be feeling pushed (or pushing yourself forward) in ways that are uncomfortable. But it’s because we too are being asked to shift forward again and find new ways of being and elevating - perhaps a new relationship with your body, with your emotions, with nutrition or exercise, with your thought patterns - or all of these things.

So, ‘Evolving in Tumultuous Times’ really is the right phrase for the way of the sensitive at the moment. Just remember, within all those highs and lows, you’re moving - but we all are too.

Be good to yourself in April.

Big love everyone.







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