We are so happy to be able to support these great causes monthly...

Charity Water

The cause we have served the longest, we love Charity Water so much we even visited their head office in New York in 2018. Thanks to their mission, we have been able to (so far) help hundreds of people in developing countries get access to clean water.


Safe Place International

Since 2017, Safe Place has been providing basic needs, housing, and sustainability to asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants in Greece, Turkey and worldwide.  



A mission dedicated to tropical reforestation, eliciting collective planetary restoration and building feminine leadership. We love their work and ethos, and we're thrilled we get to help them plant over 500 trees each month.


Together Rising

A beautiful grassroots organisation that believes LOVE WINS and that through the power of groups, we can help create change and give to wherever there is a need. Whether domestically, internationally or in response to emergencies, Together Rising is dedicated to Love in Action. 




Dance to be Free

A revolutionary prison project, run by our friend Lucy Wallace, with a mission to radically improve the lives of incarcerated women through dance classes and teacher training. The work helps the women with mental and physical illnesses, to overcome complex trauma, and teaches leadership and responsibility.  




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