Energy Update January 2019

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2019 is going to be a Year of Beginnings.

2012-2019, was a 7 year cycle of clearing energetically.

2019-2026 is going to be a cycle of elevation - a brand new beginning, bringing with it a lot of momentum and forward movement.

What will this look like on the ground? With the intensity of the energetics that have been going on the past few years, many of you have been coming to the end of the road in lives that you have either been struggling to maintain, or trying to make work but found that things just aren't working or sticking. For those of you in that group, this is going to be a really good year to shift things forward. The pain or discomfort of where you have been will propel you forward to create change powerfully and purposely.

And for those of you who are already feeling clear or elevated and excited about the future, this cycle will bring the very revolution and evolution that you are wanting to see. You are primed and ready to help create and usher those changes in, and the growing support and evidence of that awakening is going to be far more apparent to us in this next seven years.

Over the last seven years (and heightened since 2012), we have seen the straps coming off on the old. The world has been undergoing a very slow, uncomfortable death of old systems, old ways of being, and this hasn’t been easy for any of us to go through. If you are a highly sensitive or empathic person and you are picking up on the energy, the ripple effect in the world may have made it feel like you have taken a beating in recent years. However, now is the time for empaths, sensitives and healers to figure out their path here, and find their way of strength.

If any of you are reading this and feeling that this is your story, and you are just an observer in the world but don’t feel part of it, remember you aren't here to just be an observer. None of us are - we are here to perform and create as much as we are here to observe and show up in our lives and honor our path.

This kind of depressed or repressed state can happen if we don’t look at the bigger picture of our lives, and if we only focus on chaos or fear or panic going on in the outer world. In this mode only, we tend to become disempowered, lose our faith, lose our passion and our energy; the very things that the world and your life needs more of now than ever before.

So if this is you, 2019 is going to be a great year if you are willing to change things up and move forward. Ask yourself:

  • What do I need?
  • What do I want?
  • What do I need next to feel some connection and passion in my life?



One of the great things about this month of January, is it’s a perfect month to think about intentions. Now, of course, we as a collective group share this tradition in January of making New Year's resolutions.

This year, can you make those from an expansive place of possibility? For example, some people will make their new year's resolutions based on what they don't like about themselves, don't like about their life, what they are mad at about or what they didn't get. And of course this isn't a strong foundation to intend from. New year's resolutions, when made through fear and judgement, lose manifestational power because of the intent they are made from. They are built on shaky, wounded ground.

The reason we are mad or sad about things is that we are here to understand WHY we are mad about those things, so we can heal and move beyond. When we understand that this is the process of the soul’s journey as a human, rather than those things or events themselves, we can quickly move from frustration and resistance into creative manifestation from a healed and strong place. So if defeatist energy, victimhood or negative thoughts come up for you when you create your intentions (which is in and of itself, a healing process), that’s great to notice and take a moment to ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What am I mad or sad about?
  • How far back does this go?
  • How can I help myself move and change this?

The other energy we may meet in January if we don’t get conscious, will be a surfacing of the oldest and heaviest blocks we have to moving forward.

So if you are sick of your money situation, a certain relationship, or if there’s a certain thing that you need to say or do, be aware that it might get chronic before it gets better in the early couple of weeks of January.  

This is because the January energy is rising everything to the surface so that you can clear the way to look ahead. See January as a month of final clearing, forward visioning and the internal.

From February, the world is going to become a lot more vocal externally and the outer world, the action side of our world, is going to rise again.

So January is a quieter month to focus on what you want to manifest and how you can create. Those of you who really take time to listen, slow down, take space in January - you are going to see the best effects.

Those of you that are trying to keep up with the bus, keep up with other people’s agendas while feeling exhausted or pulled around, it’s going to get worse for you if you don't start to take a moment to just slow down. Because you really need to take charge of your capacity, your limits and create a new blueprint for your future if I’m describing your reality. A future that includes you.



January 2019 is a time to get really clear - not just about the year ahead - but about the seven years to come. It would be powerful to write yourself a seven year plan; the things that you would like to experience, the things that you would like to bring into your life, the things that you would like to create and what you would like to see shift in the world.

These moments where we play with our future in this way, are ways to open back up to our soul. The outcome of this kind of dreaming and visioning is less important than the fact we are taking time to do it, to listen and to connect.



Which leads me to the other key aspect of this next seven year cycle, and that is the elevation of our relationships.

Relationships have had a strong focus in recent years - a lot of people have been clearing ancestral connections, attachments, wounds with and through each other. Many have very quickly formed friendships, partnerships, business relationships in order to do this, and so many of those have sometimes quickly blown up or changed fast in the past 2-3 years. This is part of the clearing cycle around relationships, so lessons and learnings have been moving faster than before.  

So as the next seven years are in an elevation cycle, many of you are going to experience what I would call “the one relationship” more. It's when we start to no longer feel a difference between the connection we have after a two minute conversation with a stranger that we've never met, and one we have with a person in our life that we’ve known for maybe 10 years.

It's not that you don't value the 10 year history that you have with someone, because that is its own thing with its own specific value. But in terms of the ability to connect with somebody, it's actually all the same.

We are all human hearts, human souls, human minds, human bodies, and even if we don't fully know each other's stories (because we haven't shared yet or developed that intimacy), we can be compassionate and connected to one another at an all new level when we start to adopt this way of being. So the one relationship, feeling that everything is one relationship, is birthing now and will be stronger than ever in the coming 7 years. Many of you are already experiencing this, but it’s on the increase for all of you. And for those of you who don't experience what I’m describing often, that's going to be something that will be more at the forefront than ever before in your next few years, so enjoy it!

Alongside that, it can mean that you trusting to speak your truth at the right moment is going to go on to an all time high in January, February, March - these first few months of the year. It can mean you making subtle or dramatic changes to certain relationships is going to come to the forefront. And your relationship with yourself is paramount too, in terms of your honesty with yourself around things you wish to change. The good news is this energy of truth-telling will have a lot of grace behind it in 2019, so for most, it will become a more normal and rewarding experience than ever before.



The feeling of intensity that we have gone through the last few years is universal and it is true. So, if you are somebody who is feeling knocked by the ripple effects of change around you, make sure you carve out time for yourself from now on, otherwise it can be overwhelming. If you are somebody who feels you have been dragged under the wave, really get creational in the next couple of months and give yourself time to plan a very different future for yourself. Bring in new activities and a new way of dealing with your time and your choices.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I need?
  • How do I stay balanced?
  • Am I looking after myself?

We never know how many days we have left on Earth. It's always a stark reminder to me whenever I have death close to me that it's very easy for us in our minds to put certain things off in life.

Don't put yourself off this year - trust that whatever it is that you are trying to drive toward in yourself, for your life, will actually also be for everyone else, because that's often the excuse that sensitives and healers will make, "Well, I don't know if this is really serving anybody else."

Well, do it, try it and then see.

Because the dream energy that we have in our hearts is actually a dream for the whole planet, and is the healing key we all need at this time. When we activate our personal dreams, we become more connected to life. And that connection energy is then rocket fuel to others, as it ripples out from you, to everybody else.

I wish you a wonderful new 2019, take care of yourselves, and remember, we are all in this together.

Big Love

Lee x





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