Energy Update May 2018

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This is a time where many of us have gone through big changes, particularly identity changes, and of course in 2018 the planet is going through a massive shift in identity too, so it’s a double whammy right now around identity. Part of this process is experiencing mental elevation.

Mental elevation means the place where you start to see things in a different way. And it could be very extreme - all of a sudden you can be seeing relationships, experiences, opportunities that have been given to you in a completely different way to how you saw them or felt about them three or four months ago.

Mental elevation is one aspect and mental revelation is the other. Many of you will be having your ideas, your epiphanies - the parts of you that are having breakthroughs around what you want to birth in your life.

2018 has been a huge year of ‘birthing’ energy. So even though we see the death of the old all around us and we have to come to terms with the parts of our life that are moving out; so too is innovation and creation on a high. May through August is going to be a time when you will be able to actualise some of your dreams and visions. That is why a mental upgrade will be happening for many right now.

The mental revelation piece is BIG. Often, when we talk about spirituality and ascension symptoms, we don’t celebrate the mind. The brilliance of the mind is that it is able to organise and direct so many aspects of our life. When we go through a period of mental revelation, it shows you that you are changing and upgrading your identity. You really are shifting through old stories, embracing the flow of life and becoming someone new. This means we can expand in ourselves and expand in our outer lives. That expansion that we experience means we can be even more generous in the way that we can give or offer ourselves to others.


It’s not that conflict energy won’t come up or that people won’t invite you to conflict energy. Many who are on the path at this time just aren’t going to want to play out conflict energy or drama with other people in the way that you did in the past. To support this it’s going to be a lot easier to go, “Oh something isn’t working here”, and it will be much easier to walk away.

The energy of conflict is slowly beginning to move out especially for people of a certain consciousness who are wanting to practice non-judgment, non-reactivity. It will give you a lot more freedom, it will stop you having to process things with people or have discussions with other people. This is a pathway clearing space to innovate new relationships in your life.


We have to create joy and it’s a very action based process. And if we aren’t creating joy for ourselves and for others, then we aren’t bringing lifeforce energy to other people. Yes, we all have bad days and bad moments, we have periods in our lives when we are struggling. But how present are you feeling about life? How grateful are you feeling about life? If you’ve not felt present or grateful for weeks or months it’s time to practicing that for yourself. It opens your heart and brings you to the present moment.

Are you having enough present moment time with yourself? For those of us who are sensitive, we can only go for so long before the introvert needs time. If you aren’t cultivating joy, presence and space for yourself, you aren’t going to be able to give to others - and you aren’t going to be able to be part of the change you want to see in the world.


Intuition and synchronicity are on the rise. You might notice your story playing out around you in your life all of the time. For example, you have a thought about somebody and a few hours later you see them, or you see a photograph of them or a message from them. There is a thread of connection that we are all in, it is one web that we live in as far as energy is concerned.

The way we have been conditioned is to believe we are separate and aren’t connected to each other when we are. The more you open your third eye, your heart, your soul to that truth the more you will start to see evidence of that all around you.

If synchronicity is up in a big way for you right now, this is the time to manifest. It is a good time to see that you can direct the way things are going to go. Recognizing, I can get in the driver’s seat a little bit more and I can create for myself, I can create for the world, I can create my next step.

So mental upgrades, the end of conflict, joy creation and synchronicity are all there for you this month. Enjoy your creations during this very fertile time on Earth and see you next month!




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