Energy Update November 2018

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Last month I spoke about the presence of a collective identity shift; that many of us are going through a period of deep review around your life, your choices, your relationships, the things that you are doing in the world. This process will continue strongly in November, and you may experience daydreams and flashbacks to other times, other relationships, other places in your life. This is your life-review and ‘life-update’ in progress. Part of that involves a revisiting of past experiences and life events at high speed. The opportunity is to let you see them differently now, to let you see how far you have come, or to learn something from them with the new perspective you have in the now. As we go through these review periods we are having a clearout; it's no different to clearing out the cupboards at home. We start to lift and rearrange the emotional, psychic and psychological debris inside ourselves when we have a clearout like this. You are not alone - we are changing our patterns individually AND collectively right now in part due to this extraordinarily potent and fast time of transformation.


November is going to be a month of very elevated energy.

This can go two ways. When elevated energy is playing out in the world, it can either lift us very quickly into much higher experiences than we've been recently having - where things in life start to flow and connect and you may feel happier or more alive than you have recently. But equally, these elevated energy periods of time can expose where things are stuck or too anchoring in our lives. So you may see even more problems in relationships, situations, or areas of your life that are stuck rising up to the surface. So for example, if money is a struggle for you or if there’s another area where you have a chronic pattern at play, you may get to the breaking point where you are tired of the story and it doesn't feel true to you anymore. November can be a month where that stuckness rises to the surface quite aggressively, because this elevated energy is moving anything that is no longer serving us into a more visible, felt place. Ask yourself, what am I ready to be done with? What am I ready to change about this pattern? And write some notes, set an intention and take some new actions toward creating that new goal. This is how we move toward and into the elevation energy.


Where are you in the balance of giving and receiving? The dance between these two poles will be sharply in focus through November and how it shows up for you will be highly personal.

Is there a part of you that is compelled to give or perhaps has over-given in your life? So in ‘giving’ mode, you never leave room or space to receive from others because you are too busy giving? Perhaps you don't really have much to give out right now and that part of you needs a rest. Or perhaps you feel it is time for you to learn to be more kind and giving in your life?

In terms of receiving it might be that this month you are on the receiving end of more love, more energy, more resources, more money than you are used to being in the experience of and this is really important.

Part of moving into an elevated energy or a new identity is that our outer circumstances change in tandem with what we are able to create and nurture in our core beliefs and patterns. When we can truly open to the present moment, we receive so much as there is so much right here for all of us. So this giving and receiving energy dance is going to be showing up and asking you to create perhaps new boundaries, perhaps give out more than usual (if that isn’t your normal) and perhaps be more open to receiving and allowing that in.

There is a big balancing effect around giving and receiving taking place in November that many of us will see play out in our lives in very specific ways.


Feminine Energy is rising on our planet, but we have devalued the feminine energy in our society for so long that it has become normal to not see, recognize or honor it. Masculine energy has been the energy that has been celebrated, more seen and nurtured. So as the fire of feminine energy is coming alive on the planet, it is affecting all of us - men, women and those who are gender fluid, as we all possess both masculine and feminine energy.

The rising feminine is currently coming out strongly through people's voices so you may be finding more of a fire around speaking your truth, especially to people or in situations that previously you may have been hesitant with what you feel needs to be said. We all run on programs and our society puts us in these formations and boxes with each other that we often don't break out of, so our soul truth is often squashed. One of the messages that came through in this month’s MP3 (Feminine Energy Rising) was that the masculine on the planet cannot progress and evolve if we don't let the feminine energy in. It is now rising strongly in us all.

So think about this for yourself; Is there somebody, or some scenario that you have been silencing yourself around that actually you are ready to speak to now? You might be surprised at how capable you are of speaking your truth in a way that it is well received. But also, the other person (and all the changes they too have been going through in the last months and years) might now be more capable of hearing it than you think.


Magic is on a high right now. When grounded magic shows up in our life, we experience fast connections, opportunities, flow, joy and the feeling that we are living a life that is far bigger than what our eyes alone might have been previously able to see. You feel more connected to the idea that anything is possible when magic energies are around. There might be people coming into your life that you have really special experiences with this month, there might be some really synchronistic opportunities, invitations and happenings too; things that you can't quite believe are happening in front of you, but they are. And that will facilitate some positive collaborations and creations among people which will benefit others in both the short and long-term.

This experience of magic is how the Universe is speaking louder to those of us who are wanting to listen (and those who have become capable of listening) so that universal energy can start to flow into our daily actions and creations. This leads to more heart connection within ourselves and with each other. It is deeper heart connection that will cause us to be more humane to one another and the planet, and that's what we truly need at the moment.

Thank you everybody, I hope you have a fantastic November and take good care of yourselves.

Big Love




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