Energy Update October 2018

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September through December is a time of new energy.


We have to let go of certain things in order to make space for the new. During the May-August period this year, many people went through a lot of high-speed letting go, in the form of sudden or unexpected contract changes. For some of you, that involved literal contracts - contracts falling through or suddenly arriving in your life, for houses, businesses or other opportunities. For others among us, this phenomenon showed up as changes in soul contracts.

At a soul level, we all have contracts running through our lives. We form them with each other to either do or be something to one another for a certain period of time or with a certain focus. For example, two souls might come together to help advance each other around the lesson of learning to love deeply or learning to resolve conflict. Sometimes is to launch a charity or help a community. These soul contracts come in the form of business, friendship, romance or family. We also form soul contracts with places we live, visit, or houses we have been in for a long time. There is always an underlying reason for the contract, and a few key lessons in each one. Once the contract is complete and the healing or learning is done, either a new level of contract begins or we move on from that person or place and start afresh.

The extraordinary speed with which people went through dramatic or sudden soul contract changes for themselves through April-August felt dizzying during that period, but has now led to a collective burst of new energy throughout September. This may have shown up as a feeling of resolution or a new sense of calm, or a visceral sense of a rush of new energy and possibilities.

Don’t be surprised if in October there is a sense of residue coming up for you as a result of all this rapid change. This may not necessarily show up as grief about what has changed or moved out of your world, (though that is a possibility), but more likely, there will be more time for reflection on the quantity of changes that have happened for you and who they have helped you become. A moment to pause and reflect after a mighty wave of energy, and just before a mighty wave of new opportunity arrives.


There is a visceral identity shift occurring for us all on the planet right now. And for many sensitives, empaths and spiritual seekers right now, there is a heightened awareness of feeling very different inside.

It’s good to remember that internal shifts are not always apparent to other people in our life. We may have gone through an internal shift these past months which will manifest in a change in our external behaviour or circumstances at a later date, yes, but until we ground that change into our external behaviour or outer circumstances, other people won’t necessarily notice. Most people do not choose to see into others deeply, plus they are going through their own changes, so remember that while you go through your metamorphosis, you are safe in your privacy until you get comfortable enough to reveal your new layers to the world. (Good to remember this for those of you who feel you have no skin or are feeling transparent and vulnerable!).

Any new dreams or visions you have birthed inside you recently are really going to be working hard between September and December. This is a time of magnetic birth and new energy. These dreams will emerge faster if you are backing them up with action and consciously focusing on what you want to manifest, but even if you aren’t, the Universe is currently moving all of us through an upgrade cycle and identity shift that is inescapable.


Is Rebirth playing out at the same level for everyone? Yes and no. Some people will be experiencing it very strongly and watching it play out in their life, and others will experience the more blocked or asleep aspects of their lives being “tapped on” and growing increasingly uncomfortable. For example, you might be getting more irritated with a certain person in your life or a certain situation in your life. And then the question is: what is your irritation trying to tell you and what are you going to do about it?

There is an opportunity on the planet right now to shift out of old patterns and old behaviours faster than ever before. There is a transformation energy here right now that we are being asked to rise into - and for good reason.

But remember that when we are moving towards an expanded version of our selves or our lives, we often experience an ego contraction in response. For example, when you set the intention “I really want to have a great relationship and I’m going to manifest that” don’t be surprised when the next day, (because you are intending for an upgrade), part of your old human ego flares up and screams into your ear “Oh my god, I was treated really badly before and I’m really upset about it and I’m not sure I want a new relationship.” That’s the human ego response to the new soul desire. This is the voice of the old pain that has been in the way of you moving forward. It rises to the surface to be cleared, once you decide to take the steps toward something new.

I say this to help you recognise and be at peace with the fact that going into a contracted state in response to a vision or desire is part of the process. That friction is part of the process that helps clear and lead you into a new reality. And now more than ever, new realities are magnetising us all.


Life-force is on the rise and this will be experienced as a rise in Kundalini energy.

When Kundalini energy rises, parts of our old identity and habits can be destroyed and this can be uncomfortable. What you will experience is a surge of life-force that wants to rise in you and wants to create, birth something new and/or take you in a new direction.

But as human beings we have been so trained and conditioned into staying where we are. So that moment when change comes near to us, fear can rise up. Our old identity doesn’t want to die, as it (thinks) it has successfully learned how to keep us safe. And that any change is a threat to the status quo. Which is where Kundalini comes in.

Kundalini energy is the energy of the soul. So with Kundalini energy on the rise, which is a sensory energy, the question to ask yourself is: am I FEELING my way through things or am I THINKING my way through things whenever I’m hesitant about a choice in front of me? Can I follow what feels good and what feels right more than what I think is good?

The mind is always tracking and referencing the past. So give your body a chance to FEEL into the options you are presented with. And your body will transmit to you either an openness or a hesitation/dullness or contraction about the choice you invite it to walk into. I use this ‘body test’ whenever my mind is in the way of my intuition. For example, at a fork in the road (and no map handy!) I ask my body does it want to go left, or does it want to go right? Then I follow which feeling felt better in my body and take that direction. You can run this test with any choices you are presented with.

Kundalini is a birthing energy and thus also a great destroyer of the past. The beauty of the past is all of the experiences you have walked through to become who you are today.

But your future is calling you forward to something greater or bigger than you have yet experienced. And when you can step into that, you become a bold transformer, not only for yourself but also for others.

I know that for a lot of you who follow my work, that is the role you have came here for and that is part of your purpose: to be a transformer for others.

So in this time of rising lifeforce, welcome to your great and magnetic transformation.

Big Love




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