Energy Update September 2018

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The last four months has been an incredible shake down and everyone is talking about it.

You will have either felt incredibly re-arranged by life and the Universe, and/or you may have passed through some real dark nights of the soul. This rearrangement energy has been a big theme for many people in the last four months.


A dark night of the soul is a period of time when that which you thought was true or solid in your life - be it friendships, business relationships, the new house you thought you wanted to move to - suddenly changes or dissolves. Dark night periods are characterised by sudden transformations in your life, either chosen by or thrust upon you, and bring the unexpected death of parts of life that were previously reliable for you. The shock of which can cause you to go into a deep transformation that is a dark night of the soul: a time of imbalance, depression, disbelief, wondering why you are here and wondering what life is all about? These experiences can be deeply uncomfortable when they happen, but the reason they come along for all of us is to initiate an almighty transformation in our life and set us up for the next chapter.

And that is exactly the phase that we as a collective have gone through these past four months. It’s been an internal rearrangement process for many and for most, it has contained many extremes, for example a high moment of clarity and insight one moment, followed by a crash into an extreme part of you that feels afraid or doubtful.

This has been happening for many and is part of the detox, cleanse and preparation for what is to come.


September through December 2018 is a whole new energy period for 2018, where new chapters of life and new energies of possibility will be available and actionable for many.

Which is why the last few months may have been a bit of a detox for you. And for those of you who feel the last three to four years have (also) been a detox-style clear out for you, it’s time for you to start thinking about what you want for your life next?

What do you want to experience going forward - as this September-December period is a strong and supportive time to focus attention on your forward momentum.

And for sensitives, healers and lightworkers, it is important to understand that if you want something like more peace for the planet, or to see less suffering, that is not something you can achieve alone or by ONLY focusing your attention on external circumstances. If you only lean into that focus, it can become very depleting, depressing and you will lose your own personal lifeforce. And personal lifeforce is what you need to care for and maintain, in order to do your part for the collective lifeforce.

A lot of people are getting ready to let go of what they were doing in the world and start something new. And in this next four months, many of you will finally feel ready to take action steps towards the life you want, in a whole new way and at an all new level of clarity.


Many have had healer burnout or crisis coinciding with this recent period of time. When you have been in a very internal rearrangement period you can experience a sense of not knowing what to do next or not having the energy to take the next step in the outer world. This is the time to focus deeply on your self-care. For you have become empty, and need to fill again.

What you need for balance in your daily life is going to become more important for us all as we go forwards. And this is so you can begin to bring more of your own personal energy through in whatever you do and less of the part of you that is pleasing or serving others while ignoring your own needs and desires. So whether you are a parent, a doctor, a teacher, a healer - whatever your energy is that you bring through your role - that energy is what people are going to remember you by. Not the form you put your energy into. This realisation is landing for more and more these days, and is also why so many are changing the ‘form’ of what they do in the world right now. We can all be many different things, yet sometimes we get stuck in patterns or beliefs that become old for us, and start to limit our expression.

So if you have hit burnout, ask yourself, is it just greater self-care or a change of direction I need? Or adding something new to my life?

And if you are feeling unusually weary or faint of heart because of your burnout or tired phase, know that it’s ok to be weary for a while. Take the time to look after yourself, take the time to recover. And know that once you are restored, you are going to get back on your feet and then find the thing that you want to do on the planet. Do whatever it takes to reset yourself and remember; the transformation process takes a lot more energy than any of us realise when we are in it.


Innovation energy is going to continue. But September-December is a real foundation of innovative action and intention for many people, whereas often we see people ride this kind of energy wave in January and February (following New Year's resolutions). The collective rebirth energy will start generating in these next months, and because of this many are going also go through an identity shift.

When you are going through an identity shift, you have moments where you don’t know who you are or what you are here to be. And it can be dis-orientating when that happens, especially for sensitives who track energy closely - it can be a little alarming to feel things moving out of your energy field. But know that it’s all part of the process.

We are here to ground the light on the planet while we also work on clearing our own shadows. This month you are going to have an opportunity to get really clear about what you would like your next year or two to be like, whether that’s a way of being or a way of doing. Really give yourself time to sit with the feeling of what’s coming in, even if that means also sensing and sitting with what you are losing and what is leaving.

Remember - we can’t bring in the new skin without shedding the old, and there is an amplification of transformation at an all new speed occuring right now.

So give yourself some simple actions each day in which to discover the new you; making soup, playing with your dog, walking through the park. These small actions will allow you space and opportunity to be present with your self, and to sense what is changing within you and what is leaving.

New foundations are ready to be laid, you are ready to walk into a new phase of life.

This is the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Take good care of yourselves this month everyone.

Big Love




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