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"Lee Harris possesses a potent blend of both sight and clarity of communication. His spirit is of a very high - bright - caliber, which is apparent from the first time one comes into contact with him. That his channeling is laced with the wisdom of the ages and humor is his gift to the world. I have found the Zs to be deeply profound and direct, which, as a journalist, is a joy to work with!"

Regina Meredith, journalist and host of Gaiam TV's Open Minds

"I wanted to say the sessions were the most wonderful treats for both of us and we just loved our sessions. So, thank you for what you do, Lee. It brought us great joy and tremendous clarity!"

- Caryn

"This retreat was indeed life-changing. The energetic shift and rise in vibrational awareness is palpable - before, during and since. Lee and his team led us into an experience where knowledge was absorbed on a physical and emotional level instead of a cognitive one, and that made it the most powerful retreat I have ever attended. A must for anyone ready for a deeply healing experience!"

- Caroline on the Energy Mastery Retreat, Norway

“On a personal level, shedding the spiritual, emotional, and mental toxicity with Lee and the Zs made me a much lighter, happier, more compassionate, connected person, not to mention a far better wife, mother, and friend. On a professional level, it put me into the flow of great new opportunities and creative ideas.” 

Natalia Rose, author of eight books, including The Raw Food Detox Diet, and founder of Natalia Rose Institute

"This is something I did after practicing the exercise Lee shared in Mastering The God Experience with Maureen Moss. I was faced with a situation that was totally unfamiliar, which could have gone in my favor or very negatively. I followed his instructions before I stepped out my door by affirming “I will love the World First” and envisioning a fire in my heart center. After the most positive results, results I had not even considered, I came home and sat right down to put this piece on paper. It is now my daily affirmation."


- Carol Brown

"I first discovered Lee’s work about 3 years ago. After listening to a few of his monthly forecasts, I was hooked. Lee’s channels and messages are powerful transformational tools that have guided me towards living a more heart-centered and more authentic life. His work is unlike any other I’ve encountered, and the combination of his loving, strong persona and the energetic Zs channels is a unique gift. Words can only go so far to describe Lee’s work - it is truly something special."


- Kate Lynn Hartmann

"WOW! Lee’s session was like a breath of fresh air. He is so clear, and genuine. It was exactly what I needed to do. I would not call it a session, but a consciousness movement. I am so thankful for his words and his encouragement. He saw things in me that I actually forgot were there, and I was thankful to get a reminder. Words really cannot express how grateful I am to have met you and Zachary. Sending you many thanks and blessings! You are a master at your work, and you do it with such joy and love."


- Antonette


“I have been blessed to listen to, come to know and interview many. There are but two that carry a frequency that stands out amongst the many, and Lee is One, for sure. Adding to that is his beautiful Heart that stands behind his every word and carries great impact.” 

- Maureen Moss, author, President of The New World Puja Network, and radio host of Thrive

"I was just telling a friend of mine about the amazing reading you did for me at the end of February, so clearly confirming that I am doing the right thing with my move to South America. Sending lots of love and light to you from Cambodia."

- Lisbeth

"Bless you and THANK YOU!! I really feel like today I’ve been given permission to be me. So much is ringing round in my head from that meeting, everything you said had me spot on. :) I look forward to hearing it again! And one day seeing you in body!!"


- Indra

"I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the session I had with you last month. Exactly what I needed & listening to the recording again I have gained even more insights. Your genuine warmth & integrity shine through & I am very grateful for your wisdom."


- Carole

"This retreat was beyond any expectation! Lee and his team put on an exceptional workshop providing a safe, warm, loving space to heal and transform! The words family and love describe our group dynamic. I feel healed, valued and connected. My world has changed! Thank you Lee, the Zs and his team! Wow!!!"

- Cynthia on the Energy Mastery Retreat, Colorado



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