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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes.) 


AFFIRMATION FOR APRIL:  "I allow myself to become more fully me."

  • BRIGHTEST AND LIGHTEST ENERGY we have seen since 2021 began will be the experience of April. (Good for those of you ready to create the new, or an accelerator for healing if you've felt low or stuck.) (01:29)
  • ENERGY WILL BE FAST this month, and will bring with it many personal opportunities, all of which can be great energy for building the new in life but can feel chaotic if you don't stay grounded and remember to slow yourself (and the energy down) when it feels too much. (03:37)
  • ELECTRICAL ENERGY UPDATES are more common than ever right now, so if you find yourself disoriented, wired, or like you are changing internally very faster than you can keep up with, remember electrical upgrade periods tend to be precursors to big external change. (But while you are in that state, best to tend to looking after yourself and play with ideas rather than execute plans, as it's not the most grounded state). (04:32)
  • ANCESTRAL HEALING continues on the planet - dominant themes between April-July in that arena will be GRIEF and HEARTBREAK. The Ancestral GIFTS that are trying to return to you once the healing has taken place are more of your LIFEFORCE and POWER. (07:51)
  • CONNECTION ENERGY - with people, plans and with collaborative projects or actions will be the strongest of the year so far this month - we are COMING TOGETHER more, and it is time for that. Look out for new and perhaps UNEXPECTED people coming into your life for this. (13:11)
  • THE ENERGIES OF LOVE + MAGIC - Stay PRESENT to see and receive these energies in life this month and/or GENERATE them for yourself or others. Especially important if wanting to create, OR if you have been in a heavy, stuck or withdrawn period of your life. The presence of one or both of these energies will notably upshift things for you. (15:53)
  • CREATING IS HEALING - Remember, when we want to create anything NEW in the outside world we are also becoming someone NEW on our INSIDE world. To create consciously is to invite conscious healing. And between now and October, the more BOLD you can be in what you create internally or externally will be more successful, as the strong planetary healing energy means boldness is needed to rise and create above it all. (18:24)







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