Energy Update August 2019

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Entering a New Phase – Silence before Speed, Slow Burning Presence and Fast Visions, Dreams and Ideas.

If you are feeling like you have been through the wringer the last month or so, you are right on track. August will in some ways be a lot calmer and smoother in terms of the waters of life. But that's in preparation for September when the speed will kick off again, so this is a month where we enter a new phase for the rest of the year. So, many of you will feel like you're coming to the end of a period of reviewing and clearing in August, and ready to move into a period from September onwards where more birth and foundational energy will be available. August itself will have a very different energy signature to the last 2 or 3 months; a period which brought with it many surprises, twists and turns, and unexpected events.

The main themes to focus on for August for this NEW PHASE WE ARE ENTERING are:


What I was shown for August is that we're about to enter a very new phase which makes sense of the last month or two - the intensity, the push-pull, the high emotions, the moving from one state to another quite fast. There has been a lot of vibrational upshift happening, in an awkward, uncomfortable or sometimes messy way. But this has been in relation to (and preparation for) the new phase we enter now in August. So, for those of you who are looking for a reprieve from the intensity, and surfing the extremes of the past few months, it's going to take some time for that ‘clearing’ phase to calm down somewhat. So, self-care and your self-care needs are going to continue to be of high importance. 


Couple of different things for this month to watch out for this month, and some of you may be experiencing this already. You will be getting many visions, many ideas, many dreams. More than you can possibly act on. And I know for some of us there is a temptation when we get all of those dreams and epiphanies to ponder, "Oh, this is a great idea." and "Oh yeah, I should act on that..." 

Just a reminder of something I've said over the last few years, which is given that we are in such high ascension energies, regarding your visions and ideas, they aren’t all meant to be brought into 3D reality.  The reason we have so many dreams, visions and epiphanies is part of our review process as a soul. And many of these things come not because we need to act on them or put them into concrete reality but because we dimensionally have an experience of them. So unless everything in your life and everything in grounded reality is saying, "Yes! This creation is working, this idea is flowing", try to remember that the movie screen in our mind is important but not all of it needs to be made concrete.

So, for example, you may suddenly wake up tomorrow and go, "Oh my god, I need to learn how to be the world's greatest painter!" And you head towards that and as you do, it just doesn't feel right or true. This is because many times we'll have ideas of what should be playing out in form that are really simply energetics at work. So, what might actually be happening for you (regarding the idea of being a painter) is you are opening your way of seeing and the way that you see the world and that new level of energetic seeing is going to play out in aspects of your life, aspects of your career. 

In the olden days, it might have meant, yes, you need to go and be the world's greatest painter. But try to remember that what we're crossing over into now is a much more non-linear way of thinking and being. That does not mean we're all going to achieve non-linear living and thinking all the time - far from it. But it does mean that more of these energies are hitting the planet and hitting our own consciousness. So, as this happens we can get into this very awkward, weird push-pull between the old mind which goes, "Oh, well, surely I must act on this." And the new mind which goes, "No, this is something you might have acted on five years ago but now I'm just showing you it's an energy experience. A new awareness. And what we're doing is cycling you through all of these different choices that you have and waiting to see which one feels right and which one lands."

So is it a new awareness you are opening or a new nudge to actually create that you are having? Important to discern the difference right now as it can be tricky to know which.

I bring this up because, in August especially, these dreams, visions, epiphanies and ideas are going to continue to be strong as part of you reviewing your life, this world, and reviewing what's next. We're in a planetary wide review of life and consciousness itself, and it's an experience that’s going on for everybody. And so, sure, there will be some things you will want to act upon. But be aware that the more you access your higher consciousness, the dreams, visions, epiphanies are simply part of the clearing and upgrading process. And if you picked on every single dream or vision or epiphany and started putting it into action, you would actually disconnect from some of the high frequencies available for the next steps in your life. Five years ago, might have been great, today, not so much. And you'll find that life will show you that. You'll start to move towards something, and it won't work very well. Or it will seem like it's working and then it will get capsized. Can you wait out the impulse to ‘do’, until the next level is shown to you?

Try to remember that everything here is experienced-based. And that's hard for us all, because we haven't been societally trained with that value system. We're having to re-learn that it is our experiences down here on the planet are really the gold of everything. It's not the externalized outcome or the externalized achievement or externalized relationship. They're just the constructs through which we get to experience, and for some people, what I'm saying would seem completely out-there or other-worldly. But more and more people on the planet are waking up to this as a truth. Waking up to it is one thing, letting it move into our body, our psyche, our emotions and our habits is a whole other level of awakening.

That level of awakening is going to get a little easier to implement in the next year or two. As I say this, I feel like I'm speaking to those of you who are kind of wringing your hands about, "Oh my god, these patterns. Why can't I move them? Why can't I shift them?" Try and remember that we often don't see the thing that we are becoming. We will tend to focus on the thing we're not becoming. It's like, "Oh god, why am I still hard on myself?" Okay you might still be hard on yourself. You might still have some practice around that to develop and you may go through your whole life with an aspect of you that wants to be hard on yourself. But you will develop a strategy to love yourself whenever that side of you appears.

So, try not to worry too much about what you think you aren't getting right, or achieving.

If you catch yourself in that state, the remedy and more importantly, the wider perspective is to ask yourself, “What am I achieving? What actually is going my way? Oh, actually, you know what? I really didn't want to take that test that I have to take for this course that I know I want to do, but I REALLY didn't want to do it. I took it this month. It wasn't easy for me, but I pushed myself through it. I did it. Okay!"

It's really important for us all to become more and more aware of our inner selves and the negative or the shadow side of ourselves, especially right now when those things are being raised to the surface. We don't have any choice. It's right here in our face - our shadow sides, our biggest fears. That's what happens the more we awaken. 

So, sure, there are epiphanies. There are deeper senses of connection, there's bigger heart energy that's available. But as you move into that space, so too will the work come up. And the work is really how much can we love ourselves through all the twists and turns that show up in our own self which is highly catalyzed at times like this, where there is far more public conversation about people not liking what they're seeing in the world at an all new level. Which is completely understandable, because what is going on in the outer world, is going on for us in the inner world too.


I mentioned earlier taking things slow in August in order to experience a new level of presence. So, some of you will already be tapped into this, but more and more people are going to start to get to experience this beauty of presence. So even if you’re having a rough day, most of you should also be able to, within that rough day, go, "Wow! I just felt really peaceful and really at ease for 10 minutes. That's a bit of a miracle. I didn't used to feel this way."

So, these are the NEW HIGHS. This is what it feels like to be stabilizing a new level of high for yourself. And that high might feel like peace, it might feel like hyper-awareness, it might be that you see the connection in everything, it might be that you feel love in your heart towards people you previously may have been offended towards or felt some fear around. The high shows up differently for all of us as consciousness moves through our body. Consciousness starts to open different parts of us at different times. So for somebody, it's a heart opening where consciousness first appears; for another person, it's a third eye opening and they get more intuitive and they start to go, "Wow, I'm noticing things and I'm seeing synchronicities and I'm starting to realize there is a bit of a cosmic pattern at work in my life."

The thing I'm finding fascinating about this time is having been a channeler, an energy reporter, someone who's worked in the transformation field for 15 years - been a student of it for 25 or more - I'm noticing how many people are beginning to have what they previously would have called, you know, “bat-shit crazy” awakening experiences. It's like, "Wow, that just happened to me." In the old days, it would have been something to push away, something to judge, something to make fun of. And these days, people are beginning to recognize there are synchronicities at work, intuitive experiences at work and an undeniable force that is moving through our planet and us individually.

So, I've said this before but try and remember that you might not have seen your Uncle Frank for the last four years and you might have an idea of how fixed in his ways Uncle Frank is. But one of the things that is going to continually surprise you in the months and years to come is how much more open most people are capable of being now. And how so many people are being broken open. If you think of how many people are in crisis in your life right now, allow yourself to then realise that this crisis energy is going around for everybody. There are more people in emotional, physical or circumstantial need right now on the planet than ever before. You'll notice this and you'll notice that these struggles are often the catalyst to awaken people into their hearts, their consciousness. It's a shame it has to happen that way. It's far nicer when it happens without a pressured circumstance, but that pressure is a part of how consciousness is opening and spreading across the planet. 

So, try and be open to those people who are opening. And remember that for all of us it can be quite challenging, as we dance between old parts of ourself and new parts of ourself. So remember that today is new - and everything that we're about to move through is quite new. But most of us in this dance of the extremes that I was talking about, especially in the month of July, we're going between old patterns, old ideas, old beliefs and then straight into new ideas, new beliefs, new experiences. What's missing for many of us is the middle ground. This is how the extremes work - so there's the stretch between old ways (what we're letting go of) and the new ways (what we're moving into and becoming). And often it feels like there's a very thin line connecting them. The way to develop the middle ground and make that distance feel less stretched and more solid really is self-care. 


Over the years I've tried many different things for self-care, and different things have worked for me at different times. So I'm always encouraging people when they ask me the question, “What's a good self-care practice?”’ that it’s a highly personal thing and it's so important to investigate and learn what works for you. It's very easy when you're in that place that we've all been in where you're beating yourself up, having a rough day or being hard on yourself. You're thinking there's something wrong with you or your life and forgetting that everybody's having those moments, those hours, those days, those weeks at some point in their life

So, remember that self-care for us is an ever-evolving process. It might be yoga for you last month and this month it might be dancing and running along the beach. It might be something seemingly very, very mundane. It's easy to make self-care grandiose. But actually, self-care is found in the small, simple things

  • Is your introvert side getting enough quiet moments by yourself while you're busy with all your friends on holiday? Are you going off by yourself just for 10 minutes a few times a day so that you can reset and come back to yourself? 
  • Is the part of you that needs to express doing simple things like keeping a journal, keeping a gratitude list, writing out a few messages to yourself every morning for two minutes, channeling for yourself? 
  • Does a certain good quality food or drink make you happy and feel nourished?

There are so many different, and simple ways to practise self care and the need for self-care is really high at the moment for two reasons:

  • Number one: For you to ingrain and integrate everything that is moving through you in your higher consciousness.
  • Number two: The world is in a SELF-CARE CRISIS.

If you look at what's going on on the planet itself, and then if you look at how that's impacting us as a people, and how much VULNERABILITY is showing up in us as a human society, care is needed everywhere you look. And so it is for you too. That's the importance of self-care practices. Self-care is not a luxury and it's not you running away and hiding. It's you making sure that regularly, throughout your day, you are tending to yourself and nurturing yourself for just a few minutes regularly - or maybe longer. Maybe you need days to recover. Because the world is in need of care right now and we can't give it out unless we also look after ourselves on this level. 

The message that I got is, even for those of you who've practiced self-care for a long time, you will either be stepping into the next level of teaching and talking about this to others and don't dismiss it. Because we do need to be taught the simple things if it isn't our mastery. But equally you might find yourself going to the next level. 

Because the next level of everything is available to us right now. So, for you the next level of self-care might have some more extreme actions or intentions behind it. And if it's not self-care, you'll find you want to go to the next level of your life, your artistry, your creation, your service. 

Be PATIENT with yourself as that next level desire surges up. Don't worry if it then goes away an hour or two later. That's part of the process at the moment. There's an up and a down force in motion and know that you aren't doing anything wrong. You are right in the heart of the energetics of the planet. And part of all of this for us is we haven't lived through a period like this before on earth, so our minds don't necessarily fully understand it. We can't fully track it. It's new to us. So, the little freak outs that we can all have about, "What the hell's going on down here?", are quite to be expected. What will help is if you can just keep breathing into what do I need next? What do I need right now in this now moment? Where can I place my focus right now that is going to bring me to a calmer, more open and more supported state? 


We are entering this NEW PHASE and one of the things that I will just bring up as the last point today is don't be too surprised if you are experiencing dissonance with people. This is because people are having dissonant experiences of themselves. And what I mean by that is you might think, "Wow, Jeff was a bit odd last week." Everybody's feeling a bit odd. People are a little bit out of their normal personalities that you might be used to seeing them in or feeling them in. And so are you, probably. 

And so, it's really important to have an understanding of that and/or a patience and a compassion for that. I have a friend a few days ago who's like, "Oh, I don't know if I'm in the mood to go out. I don't know if I should go out." And I said, "Well, check your body. What does your body say?"

I have this thing called the Body Test. I use it a lot. You just literally ask your body, this is me going out, how does that feel? Feel it for 10-15 seconds and then, this is me staying home. How does that feel? 10-15 seconds and you'll feel a difference. My friend said, "Well, my body actually feels better if I go out, but I'm surprised. I don't feel great." And I said, "Don't worry. Probably where you're going there are other people who don't feel great who need to be together and need to be in community." 

COMMUNITY is really important, especially as so much of our information and connection is coming through devices now. It's great, can be good, but it also has to be monitored and limited. Because the problem is if we don't get that real connection with each other, we don't get the strength and the energy that we need. So, you might surprise yourself with where you're willing to go. And try and remember that if you're feeling dissonant, where you're about to go there'll be someone else who feels the same way - but through coming together, you'll both get to land and ground.

Have a wonderful August everyone.

Big love,





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