Energy Update May 2020

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Themes for the month:

THE DEEP END OF CORONA - May will see people go deeper - the surface reactions and ripples of this time will be quieter and less frequent but this time will carry new DEEP undertows - new stage of the CHANGE process. This will lead to deeper awareness of changes needed to be made personally, collectively and also revelations - both your own and those from others.

TRUTH SURFACING - Deep shadows and truths surfacing (personal to the global). We are being turned upside down and shaken from the ankles, and anything that is stuck, dark or too old (for where consciousness is going) is coming loose.

FINE TUNING YOUR VALUES - they will be under the microscope and changing. Through the sense of freedom that has been temporarily removed in your life, you learn not just what you miss and appreciated from everything pre this time, but also what you no longer miss and are perhaps ready to let go of.

VOLCANIC to the TENDER - Emotions will range from the Volcanic to the tender emotional reactions (like the fear to love scale) - we ALL need to be balancing our emotions and you will notice those who aren’t.

UPGRADED LISTENING - the power of listening is being amplified and you will hear more truth that people may not even be conscious they are broadcasting - the ability to listen between the lines (through the emotions people are dressing their words in)

PEOPLE PLEASERS IDENTITY CRISIS - People Pleasers and ‘Nice’ People will be having a HARD time right now - which is a good thing. Being NICE over being TRUE. (especially important to practice for HSP’s where their energy boundaries are concerned)

RISE OF THE HERO ARCHETYPE - heroic acts, moments and people will be championed energetically in the months to come, and this reflection will lead to an inner courage arising for many. Celebrating the heroic outside you, invoking the heroic inside you.

ALLOWANCE AND ACCEPTANCE - it’s where the magnetic and the abundant energies are stored right now. When we allow and accept, fear gets diffused. Fear based on past events (or of future ones you) disables you. So to get present and let your energy flow, work on that which you are struggling to accept. Find a way to let it be present.

YOU ARE LOVE AND YOU ARE LOVED - love is the womb of your soul so don’t forget it.

THE CHAOS HAS A DESIGN RIGHT NOW - it wants to reveal a better perfection to us. Takes time, but it’s happening.






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