Energy Update November 2019

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The main themes for November are:

IDENTITY SHIFT - Personal and collective; Rising power and Changing relationships/roles.

CRAZY GETTING CRAZIER - We are in a sickness detox - the sickness in the system is becoming more apparent.

THE POWER OF LISTENING - To yourself and others and Intuitive listening is on the rise, New notes and music in consciousness arising, which we are beginning to hear.



Over recent months, you may have heard me talk about learning how to balance your own reactions to what’s going on in the outer world. So, whatever area of the outer world might be triggering you, disappointing you or causing you grief or sadness - you will find that those circumstances are about to go up a few more notches in the coming months, starting to peak and rise in November. So now is TIME to focus on working with your inner balance and your reactivity. 

The ‘crazy’ in the outside world is getting ‘crazier’ - so if you’re able to constantly reconcile your own feelings and thoughts and separate what’s yours from that of the crowd - you will be able to stay more balanced and more centered. And importantly, you will be more able to offer what is needed during these times. We are living in a time where there are a myriad of different opinions, beliefs and feelings about what is going on and we can’t experience all of them all at once. So it’s going to be very important for you to have your own process and your own journey with how the stuff in the outside world is playing out. It doesn’t benefit anyone to get into arguments with others about it - if you have a difference of opinion then just accept that you have a difference of opinion. Because underneath every difference of opinion is a difference of feeling

It’s no different to when we are an activist in a very angry, judgmental way. Where because we are so upset about the fight we are standing for, and triggered and traumatised, then anger and judgment are the only emotions we can bring to our activism. The problem is, emotion speaks louder than words. So if people don’t want to feel your anger or don’t feel the same level of anger as you about the situation, then they won’t hear you because they aren’t resonating with those emotions. So they will separate from you, judge you or defend against you. This is why it’s important for you to learn to balance your own emotions and state of being as much as you can. And to understand that, although what’s going on on a worldwide level is completely overwhelming to any of us as individuals, we all have a part to play and a piece to play in the puzzle. And together as a group, we can make the changes that are needed.

We need to continue to find what it is that we are here for and who we are here to be on the planet - both in ‘this moment’ and in our ‘lifetime’. Who are we here to be? The truth is that we can’t really answer that question until we have lived a long life or until we’re at the end of our lifespan and we take a look back at what we experienced, gave and learnt from our life. 

Many of you are activated healers, lightworkers and activists - people who want to help with the environment and with many of the problems we’re seeing - environmental, social and economic. So, you will be feeling activated in your purpose right now. But in order for you to stay ‘on purpose’, it’s going to be key to keep coming back to yourself and checking in with how you feel and to notice where you were triggered, “Oh wow, that conversation really triggered me and if I hadn’t come and sat down for five minutes and just reflected on it and noticed that I’m off balance, I wouldn’t have been able to recognise that. And I might have taken that same fractious energy into my next meeting or into my next conversation with somebody, or into my next piece of work.” 

The more you are able to balance yourself, the more powerful you (and thus your ‘mission’) will become.

That’s very different to the way it was several years ago. If you are somebody who is holding consciousness in your focus or your work or you want to be helpful in your work or part of a solution that is needed, it’s going to be really important that you are as clear as you can be. That doesn’t mean you have to be meditating for five hours a day or becoming vegan if vegan isn’t for you - it’s not about sticking to these kinds of prescribed rules in the outside world because they don’t necessarily work for everybody. It’s about what you need and it’s about recognising, “Ah - I’m really good under stress so I’m fine right now - this is cool” or “I’m really not good under stress and I know that about myself and I’m still learning to develop that side of myself. But while I’m seeing this as a stressful situation, the most sensible thing to do would be to take a break from it because I’m going to lose my sense of center, and then anything I’m doing in the world is going to be blocked.” 

That’s the difference at the moment. There might be things that you are trying to do in the outer world but perhaps your internal world is feeling a little triggered, a little off or you are scared. You are healing by moving through something that’s a past event for you. When we are in that mode, it is currently very difficult to make outer world actions become real and solid’. The situation would have been quite different in the past. So that’s why this is a really deep healing phase that we are in and the ‘Crazy’ that we’re seeing in the outside world is actually a sickness detox. We are all coming to terms with seeing the sickness in our world right now - in us as humanity - and although we can look at that in the outside world, the best (and least overwhelming) place for us to look at it is within ourselves too. 

This is a really important time - especially if you’re a leader, a healer, a way-shower or a teacher - but it’s quite unforgiving, particularly if we are unable to figure out how to balance ourselves and bring ourselves back to center. Sometimes we might be in difficult situations where we may not have anyone else around for support so we need to be able to bring ourselves back to center - perhaps we need to sit and breathe, do some yoga poses, channel for ourself, sing or dance or do whatever feels right at the time. Because we’re all a little different and the methods and tools that feel right to us to bring us back to our center will change over time, as we will too.

Although Crazy’s getting Crazier, the energy of peace and consciousness is also stronger than ever on the planet and they’re really juxtaposed right now. You will have access to new levels of peace and consciousness in yourself and then you will be able to bring that into a world that is hungry for more of that energy. 

None of us are the right medicine for everybody, but all of us are right for some people and it works both ways. There are some people in the world who are perfect for us in the moment that we need help or support - so trust that flow. And when you’re getting overwhelmed by the world at large, remember that you’re seeing this enormous picture in your outer world so what you really need to ask yourself is, “What can I do from within me that can contribute towards the enormity of that picture? I can’t do everything but maybe I can target an area I am passionate about!” for example, that could be you working out how to help women in their power. 


The second theme that came up is, IDENTITY SHIFT. This is interesting because I feel that collectively, as a planet, we have been in an Identity Shift for years. Many of you are going through an Identity Shift right now or about to be hit by one. The October Energy Update talked about there being elements of surprise and explosions, so some of you may have come through that in an Identity Shift, meaning relationships have changed - perhaps quite suddenly or unexpectedly. It doesn’t mean that the change can’t be a peaceful one, but there might still be an element of surprise that the relationship(s) changed so quickly. Or it could mean new ideas about the job that you are doing, the project that you wanted to launch or where you’re living.

Apparently, a lot of us are going through that Identity Shift right now. It’s going to get stronger and louder than ever in November and continue for a good three to six month period. Some of you will be only just beginning to enter this big Identity Shift and it relates to your personal power (as I mentioned in the October Energy Update). Those of you that own your power or are taking on owning your power are about to go through an Identity Shift. That might just look like changes but it will mostly look like huge upgrades in your life. 

So for example, imagine you own a store and you suddenly realise you’re going to own three stores within the next year. To go from running and owning one store to running three in a year, you’re going to go through an Identity Shift so that you can hold the energy required to make that leap. So if you’re somebody who’s feeling the need for an Identity Shift and can feel it bubbling in your stomach but you can’t quite get clear on what you need to do, ask yourself:

“What do I feel I need next in my life?” 

Then write down the qualities you will need (rather than the things), for example,  “I need more peace. I need a less stressful way of working. I need to feel more joy and community.”

And then ask yourself:

“What do I feel I am able to offer the world at this time?” and  “What would I like to receive more of in the next few months of my life?” 

You may write down, “Unconditional love! I am actually (from everyone I know around me) pretty good at unconditionally loving people and seeing the child in them. So that if their wounds are coming out, I don’t judge them, I don’t pull away from them, I can just love them.” 

And just because you’ve written those things down doesn’t mean that you have to act on them - I firmly believe these things take care of themselves and that there’s a perfect timing for all of us. Just going through this process will help you bring some of the energy that you’re feeling in your stomach into your consciousness and help you start to see and move with it a little bit, get used to it and see if it feels right to you before you take further steps.


The third major theme of November is, the POWER OF LISTENING. When we’re able to really listen to others in a deep way, “What are they really saying?”, we may notice that someone’s words might be saying one thing but their tone and their energy might be saying something completely different. All of us can reach that place where we are feeling a little off or a little off center. So it can be really helpful when a friend says, “Hey - are you ok? You seem a little bit stressed.” And you realise that you are stressed but you hadn’t noticed.

The power of  listening to others and the power of listening to ourselves is very important. So, do regular check-ins and deeply listen to your answers: 

“How am I right now?” 

But if you’re somebody who doesn’t really know how they feel and thinks they are not very good at looking into that for themselves, then stop two or three times a day and just write down how you're feeling, use whatever words come to you - however few. This isn’t a contest and no one's judging you so don’t worry if you think your words aren’t very good. It’s not about what you can see, it’s about the practise of beginning to see - the practise of inviting yourself to become aware of how you feel and what’s going on. Because the more you’re able to listen to yourself in that way, the more you’ll be able to help yourself to recognise how you’re really feeling, “Oh wow - I am stressed right now. I need to stop. I need to do something. What happened in this last hour that triggered me? Oh, I’m not going to have that phone call right now ‘cause I’ll bring my stress into it.” 

So the more mindful we can be about noticing and listening to ourselves, the kinder we are in the way that we listen to others. Intuitive listening is on the rise on the planet with an increasing number of people becoming more emotionally intelligent and more emotionally aware. Of course, you may meet people who are not that way but in general, increased emotional intelligence and awareness are part of the current rise in consciousness. 

But whilst the power of listening to your intuition and messages you get is great, I am a big believer that we are not the servants to our intuition - our intuition comes to us for us to work with. I’ve seen many people lose their way because they have given their power away to an intuitive message when clearly the timing for the message wasn’t quite right on the ground. But because they received this intuitive message, they keep following it and end up banging their head against a brick wall. 

Intuitive listening is on the rise. So you might get messages, you might get visions. But let the visions sit with you for a while - be a scientist and observe how these visions or messages are positively or negatively impacting your life. And more importantly, pay attention to how you as a human being interpret them. For example, if you’re a person who’s running some manic energy in your life (perhaps from a trauma or perhaps that’s partly the way that you’re wired) and a vision comes down telling you to immediately move to Portugal you might think, “Oh wow - the vision told me I have to move to Portugal immediately so - I must move to Portugal!”

It’s important for you to recognise the manic energy in yourself and to see that your reaction is chaotic because it isn’t grounded. The vision is something that’s inviting you to see a new possibility for your life and now it’s your job as a human being to work with it and see if you can ground it. Because an ungrounded vision can be very messy for all involved. I bring a little caution here because I believe that intuition is a great teacher for us, not just because it connects us to the unseen realms and the energy worlds that we are all a part of, but because it gives our human ego a chance to ‘clean up our act’. 

I know I am not alone when I say that I have ‘jumped off a cliff’ because of a vision (I’m going back about 10 years here). It’s fun to do and it’s certainly exhilarating! And although that may not have been the right thing to do, you end up figuring it out in time because life always finds a way to put you back on track. Those times are over now - there’s a little more measure and a little more support on the ground for your spiritual messages and your spiritual visions, so it is a little easier to make them real. But it is definitely an internal rewiring process that needs to happen inside us to allow our visions to meet our outer reality.

Lastly, there are new notes that we can hear in consciousness, in the music of the Earth and the music of us as a people. It’s a little bit like when one of your favorite music albums gets a really good remastering - it’s re-released and remastered and you’re listening to it and feeling, “Wow, I never heard the guitar or the backing vocal quite like that before!” or “Wow - that’s really changed the bass!” or “The vocal is suddenly so much clearer!” It’s a similar process to the one we’re in right now. 

For those of you who have been intuitive and listening for a long time - you are about to notice (probably many of you already are) that there are a whole new series of notes and new messages in consciousness - it’s changing. And this all relates back to the Identity Shift. Because the Identity Shift is both human and personal - it’s a soul shift.

I hope you all have a beautiful month.

Big love,








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