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Themes for the month:

(Timestamps included for your easy reference in revisiting individual themes.) 


  • A new energy of Flow is emerging slowly (and will increase from July onwards). (1:20)
  • Group connection on the rise (this month and beyond) - we are meant to help each other and be a web. THIS is the time, hence the isolation of the last year. (1:42)
  • Density is having less hold over people than before (partly because of a shift in fear levels, partly because of exhaustion with it all). (7:05)
  • Revelation and Reckoning - the shadows and lies continue to reveal and be reckoned with - expect this to be a new normal.(8:08)
  • Higher-Mind Emergence - New Energy Phase we have entered now - bringing greater Clarity and Visionary ideas + less fear of being and expressing who you are in the world. (11:48)
  • Energy Spikes and whether to ‘Act’ on them - be cautious of acting when/if your energy spikes - ride out the spike rather than creating change from it. (13:30)
  • Deep internal healing is leading to a group awakening (is that integration happening inside you too and connecting all the parts of you, so you are awakening in a bigger way). (17:33)




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